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How To Choose A Bed Mattress For Summer?

Global warming is impacting the environment and because of which the summers are getting hotter and winters are getting colder. Earlier when buying a mattress people looked for various factors like comfort, support, firmness, and price but off late people are keeping another criterion in mind when buying a new mattress, the climate. The climate in the city you live in impacts the mattress, especially humid climate can affect your sleep hence it is essential to consider a bed and pillow that can beat the heat. Listed below are the things to consider when buying a mattress for a humid city.

Temperature neutrality: A mattress which is designed for a humid climate is that one that offers temperature neutrality. Additionally, most people tend to get hot in the night as their body temperature increases while sleeping and if the mattress you sleep on the trap the heat it will leave you sweating and waking up feeling hot. Many manufacturers like WakeFit have designed their mattresses in such a way that they do not trap the heat but instead make it breathable so that there is more air flow. They use foam which is open and large-celled which improves airflow and also distributes the heat instead of heat concentrating in the centre. When you are purchasing a mattress specifically check for a mattress which can keep the bed cool.

Hypoallergenic: When the temperature is humid at night the body tends to sweat and that can get accumulated on the pillow and mattress. It becomes a convenient place for bugs, dust mites and allergens to accumulate and multiply. Over time it can cause severe allergies especially to those who are sensitive to such organisms. In order to prevent this scenario invest in a mattress that is hypoallergenic. The outer cover should be able to absorb the moisture and prevent it from reaching the surface which helps in keeping the mattress and the pillow clean and prevents allergens.

Durability: The durability of the mattress is greatly dependent on the density of the foam and a firm base also ensures better support. The denser the foam is the longer the lifespan. Moreover, in a humid climate, the bed tends to lose its shape and that compromises the support so it is essential to buy a mattress that is of high-quality so that it lasts longer. Ensure you buy a mattress that has a good warranty period and its limits on it.

Return policies: Irrespective of which climate you live or where you buy the mattress ensure that they have a return policy. Most online mattresses like Wakefit have a free trial period within which you can return the product back if you are not comfortable with it. If you are buying it in a store then despite testing it in the store it will not be enough. You may have to return and buy a new one or get the money back. To cover such cases ensure that the mattress company you buy from has a refund policy in place.

Budget: While buying a mattress it is essential to set a realistic budget as that will ensure you get a quality mattress which can help you sleep better. Conduct thorough research on the mattress prices and then set a realistic budget based on your needs and what you can afford. Sometimes paying a few extra bucks will ensure comfort rather than feeling sorry if it does not satisfy your needs.

Buying a mattress for a humid climate is slightly different, it should be able to control the temperature apart from providing support, comfort, durability, and longevity.

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