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How to Buy a Suit: A Quick Guide for Men

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Are you buying a suit?

Wearing this outfit makes you look richer and affects how people see you. After all, studies prove people wearing this attire seem more confident.

Regardless of your reason, owning one goes beyond visiting your local department store. If you want a good starting point, read on as we discuss how to buy a suit:

Learn Your Body Shape

Your shape plays a critical role in figuring out the best suit for you. It narrows down your choices when buying ready-to-wear or made-to-measure suits for men.

If you’re short and have a portly figure, consider avoiding three-piece and double-breasted suits. Otherwise, you’ll emphasize these features more.

Do you want to hide some extra weight? Look for dark-colored suits with thicker fabrics. It ensures your lumps and bumps won’t show up.

Think About the Suit’s Purpose

A suit for a sober office atmosphere is different from one for a country wedding in the summer. Ask yourself what you want to communicate while wearing a suit. Think about the image you want to create before buying anything.

After that, think about styling a suit based on your body shape. If you want a more versatile design, consider single-breasted suits. It shows a more conservative image.

Buy Made-to-Measure Suits

Bespoke services are often expensive, since it allows you to decide every suit element. It means having control over the fabric or the armhole height.

However, if you have a limited budget, switch to made-to-measure services instead. It offers suit templates, but the tailor will cut them to fit your frame.

The good news is that most reputable brands offer affordable MTm services. If you have a specific brand in mind, give them a call.

Think About the Fabric

Regardless of the fit, your suit will look ugly with shiny and cheap fabric. Avoid buying synthetic cloth whenever possible. These will add to the sheen while restricting airflow.

Your fabric choice also depends on the season. If you want a cooling suit during the summer, look for cotton, linen, and mohair. In the winter, use cashmere or tweed suits instead.

Do you want matching headgear for your outfit? If so, check out these hats to wear with suits.

Find a Trustworthy Tailor

Are you planning to buy a suit off the peg? If so, look for a reputable alterations tailor for adjustments.

Try searching the Better Business Bureau for these companies. You can view their ratings, since it’s from public data sources, like customer complaints.

Sometimes, finding an expert tailor involves a trial and error process. Never jump in with your most expensive store purchase. After all, the best tailor will make an inexpensive suit look dashing.

Learn How to Buy a Suit Now

We hope these tips made you learn how to buy a suit. Consider these whenever you’re looking for formal wear.

Many types of suits exist in the market, so you’ll always find something perfect for your body and preferences.

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