How to book your child at a vacation care centre

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Vacation care is a great option for parents of school-aged children. It allows your child to continue socializing with their peers, learn new skills and be active without the stress of leaving them at home alone. The best part about vacation care is that it’s available year-round, and you can arrange it a few weeks before or just after other school holidays.

Vouchers for vacation care:

  • Vouchers for vacation care can be purchased by parents who work outside the home or are in full-time education.
  • For children aged between five and 12 years, it is compulsory to enrol them in a centre that offers vacation care if they don’t attend school. This ensures they receive a structured education while their parent is away from home.
  • The cost of this service varies between centres and regions but generally falls between $100 and $200 per week depending on the ages of your children, location and type of centre.

Find a vacation care program that suits your child:

When considering which holiday care program to select, it is important to consider the following:

  • If you can get a discount for enrolling your child early or signing up for multiple weeks straight away.
  • Select a vacation care program during school holidays that’s close to home.
  • Choose a program that’s close to where you live.
  • Choose a program close to where your child will be spending the day.
  • This way, parents and children can feel more comfortable and relaxed knowing they won’t have far to travel when returning home at the end of the day. This also makes it more convenient if there’s an emergency – no need for frantic phone calls or rushed trips in rush hour traffic.
  • Choose a program that’s close to where you work or study. This way, if something urgent arises during your daily routine (such as an unexpected meeting or class), visiting hours are easier for everyone involved without having to be too far away from home/work/school, etc.

Please fill out an enrolment form and submit it before the booking deadline.

  • Fill out an enrolment form. First, you must complete a short enrolment form that asks for basic personal details about your child and yourself. You can download it from the centre’s website or pick up a hard copy at the centre itself.
  • Submit the form before the booking deadline. Most centres have specific deadlines for submitting enrolment forms, so check this information before completing your application.
  • Pay any fees required by the centre. Some centres charge a fee for each day your child attends, while others charge an annual membership fee. Instead, check with them directly to see which is right for you.
  • You may also be eligible for other financial assistance if your child attends vacation care. For example, some states offer rebates if you pay your fees or receive a reduced fee for low income or other reasons such as special needs or disability.

Find out who else is attending the holiday program:

  • Before you book, you should find out who else is going to the holiday program. This will help you decide if it’s the right fit for your child.
  • Ask about the program’s activities, safety procedures and location. Make sure they have reliable transport arrangements and communication methods in place.
  • You can arrange vacation care at any time of the year or before the next school holidays begin.
  • You can arrange vacation care at any time of the year or before the next school holidays begin. This way, you won’t have to worry about your child’s well-being while on holiday.


  • Vacation care is a great way for kids to get out of the house and meet new friends during their holidays. It’s also a chance for parents to relax and not worry about their children while working or shopping. If you need a vacation car centre, follow up on the Care Centre in your area.
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