how to become a running coach

How To Become a Running Coach

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Did you know that the Road Running Club of America counts more than 4,500 coaches in the US alone? It’s true! And there’s a great reason for it: running is one of the best ways to keep fit and  improve your cardiovascular health. If you can make it your living too, so much the better!

That being said, you probably want to know how to become a running coach! Becoming a running coach might be easier than you think: all you need is determination, gumption, and a strong set of legs.

As for the certification, well, the only thing you have to do is read this handy running coach guide!

What Is a Running Coach?

Before you become a running coach, you should know what a coach’s responsibilities are. Sure, a lot of them revolve around being pretty dang good at running and helping others be the same, but there are some finer details you need to know.

For example, the number one thing you’ll want to do before starting your running coach business is figuring out what kind of running you want to specialize in. Are you going to be dishing out your hottest running coach tips on sprinting? Marathons? Some secret third thing?

Also bear in mind that becoming a running coach is as much about your social skills as your physical skills. You need to be able to work well with your runners, and that takes a particular social skill set.

How to Become a Running Coach

So how do you pick up that elusive running coach certification? It’s not a secret: to become a running coach, you need to pick a running coach certification program that meets your needs and is applicable to your particular experience.

That could be the UESCA, which offers certification in ultrarunning and regular running. It could be the aforementioned Road Runners Club of America, which divides their certifications into levels that increase in depth and complexity as you progress. Or it could even be the USATF, who will help you reach your dreams of becoming a running coach for track and field athletes.

At the end of the day, it’s about choosing certification that suits you, so that you can become a running coach who suits your clients. And remember, you can always switch things up if you decide your chosen course has grown a bit stale or doesn’t fit you!

Run, Forrest, Run

So there you go, folks, a foolproof and thorough guide on how to become a running coach, no matter what your specialization. Whether you want to train the fastest runners in the world or help create the greatest marathon runners in history, this guide can help.

Just, you know, remember to take a break every once in a while!

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