how to become a licensed general contractor

How to Become a Licensed General Contractor: Your Complete Guide

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Interested in a career as a general contractor? Wondering how to make it happen! You’re reading the right article!

Below, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know to become a contractor, from the training required to the licenses you need and more. Here’s how to become a licensed general contractor.

Obtain the Proper Education

The minimum education needed to become a general contractor is a high school diploma or GED. If you have your diploma or GED, you can pursue a career as a general contractor.

Note, though, that, these days, it’s best to pursue higher forms of education. This includes an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in construction, structural sciences, or even economics or statistics.

Though it’s not always necessary, there is the option to pursue a Master’s degree as well. In doing so, you can help to position yourself above your competition when applying for jobs.

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Study for Your State’s Licensing Exam

The vast majority of states require prospective general contractors to pass a licensing exam prior to working professionally. The passing of this exam indicates that the contractor has the requisite knowledge needed to perform the job sufficiently.

You will need to study for this exam. In particular, focus on state building code. Also, place a focus on construction-related laws as well as business management regulations within the state.

Pass Your State’s Licensing Exam

The specifics of each state’s licensing exam will vary. This is why it’s important to contact your state’s licensing board and inquire about the exam: you need to get a feel for what’s expected of you.

Your state’s licensing board will provide you with information on the timing of the exam, not to mention its cost and what it entails. By calling the licensing board in your state, you’ll be able to ask pertinent questions, and will be able to approach the exam in as prepared a manner as possible.

Note that most states allow you to take the exam more than once. So, if you fail the first time, don’t be afraid to give it another go.

Seek Jobs

Once you’ve passed your licensing exam, you should seek out jobs. You can find these in a number of places, including on job boards like Indeed. Note, though, that networking is generally the best way to find new jobs over time.

If you’re brand new to the profession, you might have to take less money in order to get a few jobs under your belt. You can then use these jobs to prove your credentials, allowing you to nab bigger and better-paying jobs down the road.

And That’s How to Become a Licensed General Contractor

And with that, we’ve told you how to become a licensed general contractor. It’s time to get out there and earn that license!

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