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How to Avoid the Most Common Travel Mistakes at All Costs

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Seven in 10 Americans are planning to travel in 2023, which explains the need of staying organized so that you don’t make mistakes.

Being prepared is key for having a smooth getaway and preventing any tension with your travel buddies. But, if you’ve never considered common errors, you could make them and jeopardize your entire vacation. Perhaps that’s why you’re here; you want to brush up on the top travel mistakes so that you have a great time.

Sounds like you? Luckily, we’ve got the answers. Here are the top travel mistakes to avoid.

Not Researching the Destination

Everyone in the travel industry emphasizes the importance of research. You don’t want to go through customs only to find that you have no idea where to go or, in the worst-case scenario, not having the right visa.

To prevent any issues, learn the basics of the destination and check whether there are any requirements, such as showing a COVID passport or having vaccinations.

Also, familiarize yourself with local customs, so that you don’t offend anyone. For instance, it’s rude to show the bottom of your feet in Arab countries.

Having a Packed Itinerary

Regardless of the type of vacation you’re planning, don’t overpack your itinerary. Traveling shouldn’t be stressful and you don’t want to constantly be sightseeing or trying activities because you’ll burn out.

Instead, be realistic and factor in additional time for potential delays, especially if you’re visiting several countries.

Not Making Copies of Important Documents

It’s wise to make copies of important documents, especially your passport. The key is to keep these photocopies separate from where you’d keep the originals so that you can always access one copy.

You should also carry a list of emergency contacts in case you lose your phone.

Carrying Valuables

Get in the habit of storing valuables in the hotel safe. You don’t always need your gadgets, especially if you’re hitting the beach or going hiking, so be mindful of what you’re bringing.

Also, pay attention to your whereabouts when you’re visiting city centers or tourist attractions because they’re often rife with pickpockets.

Forgetting Travel Insurance

One of the most important items on your travel packing checklist is insurance. You never know what can happen on the road, especially if you’re visiting a far-flung country, so consider insurance as a preventative measure.

During your search, choose one that covers medical expenses alongside theft.

Not Learning Basic Phrases in the Local Language

Like employees in the vacation industry, learn the basic lingo. This includes knowing how to say “please,” and “thank you,” and asking how much certain items are. The beauty is you can download a language app on your phone like Duolingo, so you can practice on the go.

The same goes for local laws. For instance, several types of nasal sprays are illegal in Japan, so be mindful of what you pack.

Leaving Vaccinations to the Last Minute

One of the top travel essentials is booking your vaccinations in advance. But you don’t want to put yourself and others at risk simply because you’re not organized. A good rule of thumb is to start your inoculations at least eight weeks before jetting off.

If you need several, schedule an appointment with your physician and they’ll guide you through the process.

Not Checking Your Flight Details

The best way to guarantee a smooth journey is by double-checking flight details. Make sure you arrive at the airport with plenty of time, especially if you’ve got several suitcases.

Aside from having the physical ticket, it’s wise to set alarms on your calendar and include your travel buddies, too.


Whether you’re climbing Kilimanjaro or lazing on a tropical beach, avoid overpacking your suitcase. Consider the timeframe of your vacation and pack according to your weather.

When you’ve finished packing, evaluate the contents and see if any items are unnecessary.

Eating in Tourist Areas

Although it’s obvious, you’d be surprised at how many travelers succumb to tourist traps. If you notice tourist-packed restaurants, continue your search, so you can find a local favorite.

The problem with eating in tourist areas is that it’s far more expensive and the food won’t be as good.

Not Chatting with the Locals

Take time chatting with locals, so that you learn more about their culture. Aside from this, you can learn about the top attractions and eateries in the area.

If you’re uncomfortable approaching locals, check out review sites like Tripadvisor to see what’s popular with the community.

Ruling Out Hostels

Hostels aren’t for everyone, but if you’re in the mood, it’s a great way to meet like-minded people.

Note, you can find great hostels that have an array of amenities, such as laundry facilities and rooms where you can hang out. You should also search for hostels that accommodate couples or families so that you have a private space.

Napping When You’ve Arrived

Sure, this won’t affect you if it’s a two-hour journey, but this is an important point for international travel. Instead of crashing when you arrive, beat jet lag by adapting to the new time zone.

For instance, if it’s daytime, go outside to be energized and plan a gentle itinerary, such as going for a stroll or visiting the top museums.

Avoid These Travel Mistakes Today

Hopefully, you’ll follow these tips and avoid making these travel mistakes.

There are many errors to avoid, such as carrying valuables with you everywhere and not checking the entry requirements. Travelers should also chat with locals to learn more about their culture and stay clear of tourist restaurants as they’re often overpriced. Happy travels!

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