How to Avoid Scratches on Your Musical Instrument

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Getting your instrument scratched or damaged can be a nightmare. You’ve worked so hard to take care of it, and then one day, you found out that it’s all messed up!

We’ve all been there. The good thing is that there are ways to avoid scratches on your instrument. It’s not impossible it just takes time, attention, and care. This article will teach you how to avoid scratches on your musical instrument.

Ways to Avoid Scratches on Musical Instruments

Put it in a case

A bam violin case will keep your instrument safe from scratches and dings, and other kinds of damage. A good case will also help preserve the original sound quality of your instrument.

Your violin’s case can be made from many materials, including plastic or leather. The material used for the case will depend on what type of instrument you have and where you plan on storing it when not in use. 

For example, if you have a violin, you might want something more durable than if you only play electric guitars at home or shows because they don’t need as much protection.

Never leave instruments unattended

The truth is, even when we’re not actively using our instruments, they’re still being affected by the environment around them, and that includes the people around them! If you’re in a rush and need to take a quick break from playing, make sure you have a cover or bag ready to protect your instrument from dust and damage. 

Have a specific place to store your equipment

One best way to avoid scratches is to make sure that you have a designated area for your equipment and that it’s not being moved around a lot. This will help you keep track of where everything is and also protect your devices from getting scratched or damaged.

You can keep your equipment on the floor or in a drawer, but if you’re going to be taking it out and putting it back in often, you’ll want to make sure that it stays in one piece.

Clean it properly

Cleaning your violin is a lot like cleaning your car. You want to do it regularly but don’t want to do it too much.

First, you should know that some things should never touch your violin: dish soap, water, alcohol, or anything abrasive or acidic. You also shouldn’t use steel wool pads or any other kind of metal-infused cleaning material. They’ll leave scratches on your instrument!

So what are safe materials? Soft cotton cloths and old toothbrushes are great options for cleaning hard-to-reach areas like inside f-holes or between strings without risking damage. 


The best way to avoid scratches on your musical instrument is to treat it carefully. If you’re not careful, even a mundane task like hauling your instrument from one place to another can cause damage. Taking the time to practice proper care for the instrument will ensure that it lasts for a long time and plays perfectly for many years to come.

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