How To Avoid Risks Of Tumbling In Bathrooms?

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When it comes to matters about safety, various precautions should be adhered to. For instance, many risks are present in areas such as bathrooms because annually, many bathroom-related injuries seem to happen. Most of these injuries are brought about by falling due to slippery floors. The highest injury rate has been recorded amongst people who are 65 years old and above. Such individuals usually complain about fractures, and they seek medical attention often. Other injuries have been caused by standing up or sitting on a toilet while in the bathroom. It’s good to take care of yourself and your loved one especially if there is a way you can prevent such dangers. Here are some safety measures that you can deploy within the bathroom to ensure that no more injury cases are reported.

  1. Install Grab Bars

A grab bar is a tool used in the bathroom for the sake of the seniors. Using this bar, a person can have something to grip on while in the shower or bathtub. They can also hold on to it while also getting out of the toilet. In case a person tends to fall, a person can grab the bar to ensure that they don’t fall. Grab bars are some of the aids to assist in the bathroom and they will protect you and your loved ones especially the seniors who are more vulnerable to falls.

  1. Remove Obstacles On The Way

In the bathroom, you must ensure that there is easy accessibility. Taking such measures ensures that people cannot fall while trying to reach out to grab various items while in the bathroom. The items in question include shampoo, soap, towels, and a conditioner. Other bathing items should also be easily accessible. Items such as rugs are easy to trip over; as a result, they should be removed with immediate effect. Such items pose a significant risk especially to the elderly since they can easily trip while in the shower. A walk-in bathtub or shower can also be an excellent way to ensure that no obstacles are present.

  1. Avoid The Risk Of Over-Exertion

Over-exertion has been noted as one of the leading causes of tumbling in a bathroom. To overcome such a challenge, you should ensure that your toilet has a raised seat. That way, people will not strain their back and knees because the strain can become unbearable and they end up falling. Make your toilet more comfortable today.

  1. Ensure You Have Non-Slip Surfaces

Many people fall because of the presence of a slippery surface. The best measure to deploy is to ensure that there is a non-slip surface on the bathroom floor. Such actions help in the bathroom by ensuring that people cannot fall while in the bathtub or shower. The bathroom tiles should have non-slip decals that are also adjustable. It is good to consider the flooring of your entire house to prevent falling dangers.

  1. Ensure Good Visibility

At night, people do wake up to visit the bathroom especially if they are experiencing frequent urination. To ensure that there is visibility, you may consider installing night lights in the bathroom. These lights will illuminate the area thus ensuring that no one is at risk of falling while going to the bathroom at night.

  1. Avoid Hot Water Burns

As you grow older, your skin will become more thin and delicate. That is why older adults should not be exposed to high temperatures. Always ensure that the seniors have access to bathing water that has favourable temperatures for their skin. By ensuring that such conditions are put in place, you will reduce the risk of tumbling in the bathroom because everyone will be comfortable in your shower.

Since many cases about tumbling in the bathroom have been reported over the years, this article has been formulated to guide you on the safety measures that you should deploy.

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