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How to Attract Birds to Your Garden: 4 Tips for Bird Friendly Gardens

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Did you know there are over 900 recorded bird species living in North America? A bird friendly garden can attract some of these beautiful species to your backyard.

Have you considered designing a backyard for birds? Do you know how to attract birds to garden areas?

The following guide will explain 4 tips to attract birds that are simple and sure to work.

1. Adding Feeders

There are several types of bird feeders you can add to your garden to attract different species. There are also many types of bird feeds to choose from so you can attract specific species.

Suet balls work well in the winter for birds like robins because they’re high in calories. Sunflower hearts have a lot of protein and attract birds such as sparrows, siskins, and finches.

Niger seeds are small black seeds that require a special feeder because of their size. They’re the perfect food choice to attract greenfinches and goldfinches.

Consider less common foods like mealworms to attract blackbirds and starlings. Peanuts are a big hit with finches and siskins because they’re full of fat and protein.

Try to place feeders from tall hedges, trees, or stands to provide safety from cats and other dangers. Use multiple feeders for different species and remember that it might take a while for birds to discover them.

2. Have a Water Source

Birds use fresh water for both drinking and bathing and it’s crucial for their survival. Having a fresh clean water source is a wonderful way to bring birds to your garden.

Try placing a bird bath or large bowl of water in your garden. Put it in a shaded area and where birds can get a good view of their surroundings to make them feel safe. Keep the water ocean, no deeper than 2 inches, and remove ice in the winter.

3. Add Owl Boxes

Owl boxes offer safety to owls and attract them to your yard. They work well even if you only have a few trees on your property.

Attracting owls is a great way to control rodent populations around your home. You can visit Bird Informer to see their top choices for owl boxes.

4. Plants for Birds

Trees and shrubs such as rowan, hawthorn, and holly provide birds with shelter and a source of berries for food. Teasels and sunflowers provide seeds and Ivy and honeysuckle offer thick cover, fruit, and insects.

You can also plant beautiful wildflowers to lure in insects for birds to eat. Adding a mixture of all the plants mentioned creates an oasis that birds can’t resist.

Understanding How to Attract Birds

Now you know how to attract birds using a few simple techniques. Remember to add multiple feeders, a water source, and bird-friendly plants to your garden. Consider specialty nests like owl boxes to add more variety and control pests around your home.

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