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How To Aerate a Lawn

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Did you know that aerating a lawn allows the roots to grow deeper? It also helps absorb nutrients and improves drainage when you aerate a lawn.

Understanding how to aerate a lawn can change the look of your entire property and add tons of curb appeal. Luckily, lawn aeration isn’t as complex as you might think.

The following lawn aeration guide will explain all the steps you need to know so that your yard looks its best.

Preparing for Aeration

First, determine the type of grass you have and if it’s a good time to aerate. Warm-season grasses need to be aerated in the spring and cool-season grass needs aeration in the fall.

Always evenly mow your lawn before starting an aeration project. Then, dig into a small section of grass and check the root depth. Continue with the aeration if the roots are less than 2 inches in length.

Completely soak your yard in about one inch of water and use a tuna or pet food can for your measurement. Set the can in the center of your grass and turn off the water when the can fills.

Be sure to mark sprinklers, pipes, electrical lines, and any other hazards to avoid costly damages.

How to Aerate a Lawn

You can either create by hand or use an automatic aerator to complete the job. Aerating by hand takes a lot of physical work and automatic aerators use motors to make operation easier.

You’ll want to aerate your yard two times total. Each time you aerate the lawn you’ll go in the opposite direction. Don’t throw away the plugs after you’re finished because they help with growth and decompose after about 7 days.

Post Aeration Care

Apply fertilizer to your yard as soon as you’ve finished aeration. It helps boost growth during the hottest months and protects your yard.

Reseeding your yard is the last step in your aeration project. Spread the grass seeds evenly across your whole lawn. The soil plugs from aeration will combine with the grass seed which allows better entry into the soil for maximum growth.

Manual Aeration Tools

A manual core aerator uses a handle that requires both hands to push it into the soil of your lawn. It also has a foot bar for extra leverage in sections where the soil is more compacted.

a manual spike aerator is another handy tool and uses spikes instead of cylinders. It makes tiny holes in the ground that loosens up the soil for better circulation and nutrient absorption.

You can also use a fork to penetrate compacted soils for a very affordable aeration option. However, this method is quite monotonous and takes a lot of time. Of course, you can always hire professional lawn care services to do the aeration work for you.

Ready to Aerate?

Now you know how to aerate a lawn and the tools you can use to do it. Remember to identify your grass type and prep your lawn in advance. Then, follow our aeration steps and marvel at the new look and health of your lawn!

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