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How to add Feng-Shui compatibility in your home: Singapore Reno concept

Feng Shui has become an enthusiasm for modern homemakers because people believe that it brings good luck and peace in the home. If you have purchased newly an apartment in Singapore and you are not sure if it’s Feng-Shui compatible or not, worry not! You can renovate the apartment to make it Lady Luck compatible anytime you want. Here go some basic tips.

De-clutter your home

One of the essential parts of making your house Feng-Shui compatible is to get it decluttered. Ask your renovation specialist to organise some inbuilt closet so that you can place all unused items inside the clutter. These closets will make your floor space free and will help yu to keep things organised.

Make your kitchen tidy

Positive energy should be able to flaunt in your apartment including the kitchen space. Make a big window in front of your oven. Keep the water source either facing east or south corner and keep it away from your oven. Ask your renovation expert to paint the kitchen wall in the light shade so that you get more light inside the room.

Decorate your bedroom

Decorate your bedroom in light blue colour or in white colour. Remove the television from the room and instead keep a water bowl with a golden fish. If there is any mirror in front of your bed, ask your renovator to shift it from there and use light colours like beige, light yellow, white, etc.

Mend your entry way

The front door is an important part of your apartment because it concerns safety. There should not be any clutter in front of the door. Do not keep any plant or shoe rack in front of the door. Equally, mend if the door is without paint or somehow the paint is chipped. Ask your renovator to add wood colour on the front door so it gives the feel of natural wood. You can paint green which symbolizes money and nature.

Improvise your living room

You need to place your sofa and chair here so that you can see the main entrance door from the sofa. You may ask your renovator to add a mirror so that the reflection of the mirror can be seen.

These are some few tips to add Feng-Shui compatibility to your apartment. While consulting your Reno Singapore specialist, do not forget to ask them about more tips that can add fresh positive energy flow to your house by adding simple modifications.

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