How Soon Is Too Soon to Go on a Trip With Someone?

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When you’re overcome with wanderlust, it makes sense that you’d want to share this passion with someone you care about. A romantic getaway can be appealing on several levels, from the one-on-one time with that special someone to the enviable pictures you’ll post to social media. However, a trip taken too early in a relationship can shine a spotlight on any little things that could prove to be the end of your pairing forever.

If You Haven’t Spent Extended Periods Together Yet

You may feel like you know your new SO better than anyone you’ve met before, but that won’t mean much if you haven’t spent lengthy amounts of time with them already. You don’t have to plot out their entire birth chart or know that they’re a Leo Virgo cusp before you jet off into the sunset. But you should have, at the very least, spent an entire day together without breaks—after all, that’s what you’ll be doing on a trip. It may help to start small, with a weekend away, before diving into a lengthier trip and the stress that comes with it.

If You Haven’t Made Things Official

No matter your zodiac sign, you’ve most likely come across a “situationship” and the faux feelings of intimacy that can come with it. You don’t want to set out on a trip with someone and find your high expectations for romance dashed because they‘re more interested in a hookup than a relationship.

If You Don’t Feel Comfortable With Them

Perhaps more importantly than any other consideration, you must be comfortable with a partner before taking a trip together. Does he treat you well most of the time, but you’re never sure of when he might snap? You don’t want to deal with that added strain in unfamiliar surroundings. You want to listen to your intuition and ensure you’re comfortable before agreeing to travel with your partner for the best results.

If You Don’t Know What They’re Like When Frustrated

You spent hours scouring your favorite stores for pullover sweaters and other beautiful things to make this trip special. So, when the airline misplaces your luggage containing those sweaters and other carefully curated belongings, tensions will undoubtedly rise. At this moment, you want to know that your travel companion will empathize but not let this frustration get to them. If you’ve never been stuck in traffic together or dealt with a similarly frustrating situation, you may want to hold off on the added stress of travel.

If You Aren’t Able to Compromise

Even Libra, known for their diplomatic emphasis on balance, can struggle with compromise in a relationship. When traveling with your partner, the ability to handle give-and-take is crucial. If you‘re a perfectionist, carefully planning every detail of your itinerary, but they’re more comfortable going with the flow, there’s a good chance you’ll butt heads along the way. As such, the two of you must come to an agreement when you want different things.

If You Aren’t Ready

More than anything else, you must feel ready to embark on this relationship milestone. Even if you’ve been official and exclusive for months without a severe problem in sight, you shouldn’t plan a getaway if you’re not ready to take that step (or if your partner isn’t). You know better than anyone whether you’re up for this challenge.

No two relationships are identical, and there’s no one-size-fits-all timeline for when to take a particular step in your own coupling. However, there are some qualities you should look for in your partner and the connection you share to determine whether taking a trip together is the right step at this step in your relationship.

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