how often do you water a garden

How Often Do You Water a Garden?

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You don’t have a green thumb. You have a black thumb. Every single plant you touch dies.

You’ve tried everything, but you’ve never been able to keep a garden alive. The secret to turning your luck around is creating a proper watering schedule.

How often do you water a garden? That all depends on your climate and your plant’s needs. Different plants have different watering requirements.

You wouldn’t give an adult plant the same amount of water you would a baby one. You also don’t need to water your plants every day.

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What’s Your Climate?

Before watering a garden, you’ve got to consider your climate. If you get a lot of rain during the summer and spring months, your plants won’t need a lot of hydration.

They’re getting plenty to drink, thanks to nature. If you give your plants too much more, you may drown them.

On the flip side of this, if you live in a naturally dry and hot environment, you’ll need to water your plants more often to make up for what nature isn’t giving them.

Consider Your Plant’s Needs

There are some plants that can go several weeks without water and some that need it at least twice a week.

You also have to think about the age of your plants. Newly planted blooms need more water because their root systems are still being established. Older plants can go much longer without being watered.

Infrequency Is Key

Unless you live in a dry environment, you shouldn’t water your garden too often. Again, you don’t want to give your plants too much moisture.

The general rule of thumb is to water your plants once or twice a week. As long as you’re thorough, that should be more than enough to get them by.

Water Your Garden in the Morning

The early morning is the best time to water your garden. It gives the soil and insect frass enough time to absorb the moisture before the sun comes up. You can view here to learn more about adding frass to your soil.

If you can’t water your garden in the morning, shoot for the evening when the sun sets, and temperatures begin to drop.

Install an Integrated System

If you find that you forget to water your garden often, consider investing in an integrated system. These devices have a moisture sensor that will turn the system on when your plants need water.

It will keep your plants healthy without any effort from you and conserve water at the same time.

How Often Do You Water a Garden to Keep Your Plants Happy

How often do you water a garden? As you can see, the answer varies. Different plants have different watering requirements.

If you find it impossible to find the right watering schedule, an integrated system can help.

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