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How Much Does It Normally Cost to Board a Loft?

Did you know that storing items in your loft or attic without proper boarding can result in damages or injury? You don’t want your belongings to fall through your ceiling. You don’t want to fall through your ceiling while accessing those belongings either!

But how much does it cost to board a loft, how’s it done, what are the benefits, and is it worth it? The following guide will answer those questions and explain loft boarding cost factors and why it’s worth the money.

Loft Boarding Prices

The cost of boarding a loft depends on several existing factors like size, loft insulation, access, materials, and intended use. Professionals usually complete the job in 1 – 2 days and charge for material and by the Sqft (m2).

The average cost to board a loft is $1,737 (£1,300) per 161 Sqft (15 m2). Adding features like a pull-down ladder will add about $434 (£325) and if you have to relocate the hatch that will be an extra $300 (£225) for labor.

Adding electrical like a light bulb and switch is recommended and will cost about $100 (£75).

You can save substantial money doing the work yourself but it will require skill and knowledge of any building regulations in your area. If you’re considering doing it yourself, this complete guide will help.

How to Board a Loft

There are a few different ways to complete the loft boarding process.

One method is to place decking boards directly onto the joists of the loft. However, this can compress your loft insulation and will reduce its depth and efficiency causing higher heating bills.

Another way to board a loft is to install extra loft legs on top of the joists and then lay decking boards. Doing this will create space for laying extra insulation and leave a gap for airflow to prevent condensation.

You can also install specific loft insulation boards on top of the loft joists. Although, this method isn’t ideal for a tight budget. It will be more expensive than using traditional insulation and decking boards.

Benefits of Boarding a Loft

You can create additional storage space and reduce clutter. It can even be used as additional living space in your home. Loft bearing can add up to 50 percent more floor space in some homes.

Boarding your loft will add insulation which will better regulate temperature, reduce heat loss, and lower your energy bills. It will also help with sound insulation in your home.

Loft boarding creates easier access and makes it safer and more convenient to get to your belonging. You won’t have to watch your step and risk injuring yourself or causing damages that require expensive repairs.

All of these benefits will contribute to adding value to your home. It’s estimated that it can add up to 20 percent of your home’s current value.

Are You Ready to Board Your Loft?

Now you know why it’s beneficial to board a loft, how it’s done, and how much you can expect to spend. It’s a quick and affordable upgrade for your home that is worth it for the price and added conveniences.

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