How Many Types of Skillets Are There?

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Want to pick out a skillet for your kitchen? There are a lot of different skillet types that are available in the storehouses. Picking a skillet relies on your cooking style, budget, and your cooktop.

Various skillet types have several properties. Some of them are fitting for high heat while others are not. It is more complex to buy kitchen supplies if you have several choices.

So, here’s a guide that will provide you some guidance on the different types of skillets.

Stainless Steel Skillets

Many people prefer to adopt stainless steel skillets due to their easy maintenance. Stainless steel skillet doesn’t respond to acidic food; you could cook about all sorts of food with it. Food-quality stainless steel is the best type of skillet to use since no health problem with them.

Cast Iron Frying Pan

A cast iron is the best type of skillet for its excellent heat retention capacities. This means that a cast iron frying pan can get hot and remains hot after lifting it from the stove. Usually, food that requires high heat, like meat with trans fats or trans-fatty acids, is best in a cast-iron skillet.

In general, they are the most practical choice for those who like thick base frying pans. Consider checking out Professional Cast Iron Cookware to purchase the best skillets.

Aluminum Skillet

An aluminum skillet is lighter, firm, strong, and noted as a heat conduit. The robust anodizing method gives the cookware more solid and non-reactive. It is harmless for the oven, gas, and electric stovetops.

However, these types of skillets need various care and maintenance. Others are dishwasher safe, and others aren’t. It will be best to check the manual before using aluminum skillets.

Stoneware Skillet

Stoneware and clay frying pans are old skillet types that are still popular. They need careful seasoning, similar to cast iron, to avoid making the food stick to the skillet.

Stoneware skillets are obtainable in different charming colors, appearances, and sizes. Most stonewares you can buy on the market are casseroles and baking dishes designed for oven use.

Non-Stick Skillet

A non-stick skillet is the best choice for wholesome cooking. Due to its non-stick cooking covering enables cooking with lower fat, it decreases extra fat or oil from the food and restricts food from sticking on the pan.

In other words, a non-stick pan is the better choice for food that demands medium heat for cooking. Moreover, there are different skillet types of non-stick cookware available. Though, the non-stick coating cover will wear out in due time.

Ceramic Skillet

A ceramic non-stick skillet is usually quite beautiful. This cookware is non-reactive, so it’s perfect for cooking acidic meals. Ceramic coating is non-stick and doesn’t produce any toxic chemicals. Besides, it is eco-friendly, so it is the most reliable choice in cooking healthy meals.

Furthermore, you can put your leftover food in the fridge with this skillet type. It is harmless for dishwashers and ovens. That’s why ceramic pans are one of the best types of skillet for daily usage.

Choose From the Various Skillet Types

Whichever you choose to buy will usually rely on the kind of meals that you cook. However, all the data for various types of skillets will help you pick the one you need. Purchasing any reliable cookware for your kitchen is an excellent investment.

Want to know more about skillet types or other cooking wares? For more information, check out the rest of our guides.

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