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How Many Types of Earring Backs Are There?

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It’s time to up your fashion game, girl! You’re at the end of your earring. They keep falling out, and you can only take them out of your ears by getting your tools. What do you need to step up your jewelry game with?

It’s time to check out some new accessories, the first of which is the types of earring backs. What are they? How do they help you with your jewelry?

We want to help you out, so you can avoid getting stuck with low-quality earring backs. Let’s go through it. Read along to learn more!


This clasp consists of two pieces, a curved “U” shaped piece that wraps around the earlobe and a straight part with a clip on one end that fastens to the earring. This unique earring does not require piercings in the ears.

The curved “U” shaped piece is often hinged so that the back will snugly fit around the earlobe and reduce the risk of the back coming undone. Clip-on earring backs are for their comfort and convenience, making them a popular choice among those who have no desire to get their ears pierced.


Traditional Earring Backs keep your jewelry secure and comfortable while wearing them. They are available in types of metals, and they feature a small opening more significant than the earrings themselves. The closure is usually decorated with a small piece of metal that generally has a pattern or engraving.

They are a great way to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any look. They are also an affordable and versatile way to add a little sparkle to an outfit.

Screw Back

It is made of two parts, a posting part and a removable backing, that are held together with a screw. The backing part of the screw back earring is screwed onto the posting part and locks the earring securely in place. It can easily be removed with a screwdriver when needed.

They are an excellent choice for people looking for the most secure earring-back fasteners who don’t want their posts to get loose. It is a perfect option for those who are always on the go. Shop screw back earrings now for worry-free earrings.


This type of back is a hinged, two-part back that closes over the earring post. The two parts are in place by a small lever, which is down to create a tight fit and hold the earring in place. They are secure yet easy to remove, making them ideal for various earrings, including dangle and drop.

Know All the Types of Earring Backs Today

In conclusion, various types of earring backs are available on the market. These include traditional, clip-on, screw-back, and lever-back. Depending on your style and preference, you can find the perfect earrings.

Whether you are looking for a more delicate look or a bold statement, there is a back to suit your needs! Visit your local jewelry store today to find the perfect earring for you!

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