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How Many Solar Panels Should You Get for Your House?

Most solar panels produce 250 to 400 Watts of power. A system with a power rating of 300 Watts, for example, generates that amount per hour of sunlight.

If we calculate how much it produces in five hours, we get 1,500 watts-hours or 1.5 kWh. With 20 of these panels, your home generates around 30 kWh per day.

However, buying solar panels isn’t all about the wattage. Other factors affect the output, and the number of modules necessary depends on some unique conditions.

Do you want to find out how many solar panels you need for your home? Keep on reading to get a more accurate estimate:

Energy Consumption

How much energy do you use daily, monthly, and yearly? Your consumption will dictate how many solar panels you need.

The average American household uses about 10,715 kWh per year. It equates to about 893 kWh per month. Therefore, an average home needs around 24 solar panels to cover its energy consumption.

You would have to compute your energy consumption. Decide if you want the solar panel system to generate all your power needs, as well.


Why does location matter? Some states enjoy more sunlight than others, such as Nevada or Texas. Meanwhile, New York has less sunlight alongside Washington and Minnesota.

If you live in a sunny area, you can get the full benefits of solar panels. You might need fewer modules.

Receiving more sunlight hours means your solar panel system can generate more energy. However, you also have to consider other factors than your physical location.

How much shade does your property get during the day? Trees, buildings, or other structures blocking sunlight lessens the system’s energy production.


Your roof matters in several ways – its orientation, condition, and available space. Can it handle all the solar panels your home needs?

The roof condition may limit the number of modules you can install. You might want to replace your roofing system before the solar panel installation.

The orientation determines how much sunlight the solar panels receive. If you’re in the northern hemisphere, you can achieve optimal output with south-facing roofs.

Solar Panel Wattage

You also have to consider the output of the solar system. As mentioned above, residential panels produce around 250 to 400 Watts. Remember, the power rating is the measurement under ideal conditions.

Also, different types of solar panels have varying levels of efficiency and performance. Monocrystalline systems are more efficient than polycrystalline and thin-film. However, they’re more expensive as a result.

Once you decide to get solar panels, you need not look for a reputable company. Find it here if you’re from Arizona.

Learn How Many Solar Panels You Need Now

Using our guide above, you can guess how many solar panels you might need. However, if you want a more accurate estimate, consider contacting a contractor instead.

A reputable contractor can give an estimate. Make sure to choose the one you can trust.

Did you find this guide helpful? To learn more, you may also check out our other posts today.

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