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How Managers Plan

An organization like GWC USA whom is successful and still growing needs to have a great manager who is able to plan efficiently and effectively for the company to achieve their goals. There are different elements when it comes to planning and this means first identifying the goals and objectives and wanting a desired outcome for individuals, groups, or the organization, and to provide direction and performance evaluation criteria. There are also plans that they have including the different documents that outline how goals are to be accomplished and they can also describe how resources are to be allocated and establish activity schedules. Planning is also often called the primary management function because it establishes the basis for all other functions.

When  it comes to the discussion about management by objective, this involves a jointly set objectives which lead to the develop action plans leading to the review objectives and providing feedback and then being able to give rewards for achieved objectives. When it comes to planning, there are different characteristics of well-designed goals such as the written in terms of outcomes rather than actions, measurable and quantifiable and a clear time frame. It also has to be challenging yet attainable, written down and communicated to all necessary organizational members.

When it comes to steps in goal setting this is something managers should definitely do in order to keep on track and the first step involves to first review the organization’s mission statement by making sure the goals reflect the mission, the second step is to evaluate available resources and see is the resources are sufficient to accomplish the goals, third step involves determining goals individually or with others by making sure they are timely and measurable, fourth step involves writing down the goals and communicating them to the team and making sure everybody’s on the same page and finally the last step involves reviewing the results and whether the goals and being met and what changes are needed in resources or implementation.

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