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How Long Does a Mattress Last? An Informative Guide

Some furniture items in your home need careful consideration for your health, such as the humble mattress.

A good night’s sleep can dramatically boost your health. That might sound surprising, but it’s true! Scientists have published studies linking poor sleep with health issues, including high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

But how long does a mattress last, and do you need to replace yours to help improve your sleep? We have the answers right here.

What Impacts Mattress Longevity?

Mattress lifespans vary because there are a few factors you’ll need to consider to help you predict how long your mattress will last. Here are some things to consider.


Durable materials like latex last longer. Latex mattresses fall into two categories: natural and synthetic. Natural latex lasts longer than synthetic.

If you have a polyfoam mattress, the high-density polyfoam will outlast the low-density polyfoam.

Mattress Type

We’ve already mentioned material type. But also take into account the type of mattress you’ve bought.

Latex and high-quality foam mattresses are durable, as are hybrids. Traditional spring mattresses have the shortest lifespan.

Manufacturer Reputation and Price

Mattress prices don’t always equate neatly to quality, but what you paid for your mattress (plus the manufacturer’s reputation) will guide you to the likely lifespan of your bed.

Some manufacturers even offer lengthy guarantees of 10 years or more. That’s something to consider if you want a mattress with longevity!

Wear and Tear

Perhaps you have a mattress in a guest room for occasional use only. In that case, the bed should last longer than usual. But if it’s your own mattress, you might create plenty of wear in a short timeframe.

Your body weight also matters. Tall or heavy-set frames will create more wear on a mattress. And if you sleep on your side or tend to move around a lot when sleeping, you’ll wear through your mattress faster.


Always check the manufacturer’s instructions on how to care for a mattress.

Some mattresses will need flipping over every few months to stay in good condition. You’ll need to follow those specific instructions if you want your mattress to last as long as expected.

How Long Does a Mattress Last?

With all these factors in mind, let’s look at the expected age of the average mattress.

The short answer is that you should expect your mattress to last approximately 10 years. But don’t make this a hard rule if you feel like your mattress needs urgent replacing.

If you’re finding sleep uncomfortable or you’ve noticed sagging or dips, don’t wait until the 10 years is up before you go shopping for a replacement!

But remember, not all types of mattresses fit everyone. To find your perfect match, you’ll need to use a matchmaker; check it out here for further guidance.

Make Sleep Your Priority

So how long does a mattress last? The answer is probably less than you think. It might be time to invest in a replacement.

After all, we all feel better after a good night’s sleep. And quality sleep has a positive impact on our health.

In our lifestyle and health sections, you’ll find lots more tips on what to buy to boost your health. Check it out now!

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