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How Do I Choose the Best Solar Company in My Local Area?

Finding the best solar company to install your panels can be an uphill battle. There are many companies in the solar industry today, and choosing one can be intimidating and nerve-wracking. If you find this process challenging, you’re not alone.

Most people also feel nervous about choosing a solar company. This is because solar energy technology is relatively new, and not everyone knows about solar power systems and what to look for.

But how do you tell a reputable solar company from a bad one? Below is a comprehensive guide to help you choose the best solar company:

Have a Plan

Most people have been through the process of hiring an electrician or plumber to handle simple repairs in the house. You could have even hired a construction or renovation contractor to handle a major repair job for your home. These are things you’re familiar with.

But where do you start with a solar power company? Hiring a solar installation company is more complex than finding an electrician or plumber. But you need to plan yourself and get in the right mindset.

The process is similar to finding a contractor. You need to research the company and the products you will be purchasing. Plan yourself and take time to learn as much as possible about residential solar systems.

Come up with a checklist for the ideal solar installation company you’d like to work with. Then start your search.

Don’t Depend Too Much on Price Comparison Websites

Sadly, there are people online who are trying to make the process of buying a solar panel more like choosing a flight. This is the wrong approach to take, and it misleads consumers. Buying a solar system for your home isn’t the same as choosing a flight.

You need to focus on more than the price of the system. A solar system is a complicated unit with different components that should seamlessly work together to bring you the electricity you need to run your home. In addition, the installation process isn’t easy.

The residential solar installation company you choose must work with your utility provider and get permission from one or more local authorities. They should also handle all the paperwork involved in the installation process.

Ensure you hire a reputable solar company that can coordinate all these tasks. If you don’t, you will be left with all these assignments, making the installation process a nightmare.

Ask for Multiple Quotes

You need to get multiple quotes from different companies for any home improvement projects. This helps you settle for the fairest price by comparing each company’s credentials, services, and proposals. There is a significant problem in the solar industry where shady companies install solar panels on people’s roofs even when they don’t get enough sunlight.

Such companies take advantage of the customers’ lack of knowledge to sell them a product they do not require. Talking to multiple companies will help you know which are shady and which ones are good.

A reputable company will advise you to fix your roof before installing the solar cells to ensure they get enough sunlight. Such companies would rather walk away than sell you a product that won’t benefit you or your family.

Shady companies in the industry are just looking to make a sale. For example, if you get four quotes from different companies, and three of them tell you that your roof needs fixing, while the other insists that you should install the panels, you should think twice. Go with the majority opinion and avoid installing the panels until the roof is fixed.

Choose Local Companies With Ample Experience

You should always go with solar companies with enough industry experience. The best way to determine the experience of a company is to check how long they have been operational. Be careful with companies that have only been operating for a couple of months or years.

The more experience the company has in the industry, the better. Check the company’s website to find out about their experience. You can also look up the business online on your state’s licensing board, as well as their BB rating.

Working with an experienced company has a lot of perks. Their contractors will be technically competent, and they will offer you high-quality services. Likewise, these companies are also the better option, because they are likely to still be in business if you require warranty services after the installation.

If your state has a mature residential solar energy market, you should go for companies with ten years of experience. But if the industry is relatively new in your area, settle for the company with the most number of years.

Check Their Online Reviews

Reading online reviews is a great way to find out more about a business. However, don’t believe everything you see online. Businesses today are notorious for posting fake reviews.

A great place to start is the Better Business Bureau (BBB) when checking a company’s reviews. The BBB helps you see the type of complaints customers have about a company and what it has done to resolve the issue. If the company hasn’t tried to resolve their customer’s issues, it’s best to move on to the next company.

Check out the businesses on other review sites, such as Google Reviews and Yelp. But, if the business has more negative reviews than positive, move on. You should also stay away from companies with only glowing positive reviews.

No matter how good a business is, a few unhappy clients will go online to share their frustrations. The most important thing is to check how the company handled the frustrations and resolved them.

Are You Ready to Choose the Best Solar Company?

If you’re thinking about installing a solar energy system for a sustainable home, you probably want the best solar company to handle the job. Unfortunately, finding the best company can be an intimidating venture. But it doesn’t have to be.

Your search process for the right solar installation company should be seamless with our guide above. If you enjoyed this article, check out other posts on our website for more informative tips.

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