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Payments  System on Contentmart is easy for both its customers and freelance writers. It offers two basic modes to writers to access their due payments. These are either through PayPal or Bank Account. It is easy to register and as a writer, you simply need to give your Paypal Account Details or your Bank Account Details to get started. Transfer of money is only possible through these two means. Also, Affiliate program on Contentmart let the writer earn that extra bit by inviting customers to make dealings through Contentmart.Writers get 10 commission on every single order for 1 year when a new customer joins the platform. Such incentives help a writer to earn handsome amount. This affiliation program can encourage the writers to work more dedicatedly with Contentmart.


Also, the payments of writers are very much secured as the money gets blocked with Contentmart and gets released once the order is completed and approved by the customer. This leaves a customer with no chance of dismissing the payments. Also, in cases of disputes, the matter is left to the impartial judgment of Contentmart Team which gives its ultimate final decision. That is the reason why writers are wanting to invest their time working on this platform. They are very confident of getting rewarded in the most rightful way for the effort put in by them.

Contentmart also encourages quality writers on its platform as customers cannot place an order less than Rs 200 per 500 words and Rs 400 per 1000 words.By fixing these minimum amounts, contentmart makes sure that no writer is exploited in any way and gets what he/she deserves on the platform. Also, with time, as the credibility of a writer increases, they can work on comparatively higher prices as compared to other writers.This gives them a good chance to earn more than others. Always remember, a writer’s review matter a lot on Contentmart. If you have a good rapport with clients and you are sincere with your work, you can be assured of getting good payments for the same.

However, there are also certain disadvantages when the things come to writer’s part. Contentmart doesn’t allow withdrawal of less than Rs 3000 or more from the writer’s account. This can be something on the negative end for the writers who feel the value for the minimum amount of withdrawal is too much. Also, contentmart charges 10 commission from the writer whereas for clients there are no such overhead expenses for registration.

Overall, in a nutshell, contentmart’s payment facility to its writers is quite fair and talented writers have a pool of opportunities to make their ways to earn handsomely if they are well equipped to handle variant styles of writing.

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