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How Commercial Glass Companies Can Find New Leads

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Did you know that around 45% of businesses fail during their first five years of being in business? One of the main issues most companies have is finding enough leads to turn into customers. If you have a commercial glass business and are struggling with finding leads, you are in the right place.

We have put together the guide below to share how your commercial glass company can gather strong leads that are interested in what your company has to offer.


A great way to find new leads is via your own company website. This can be a virtual way to communicate with your potential clients and audience even while you are sleeping. Make sure that you incorporate Call To Actions (CTAs) in your content to ensure that your website is optimized for people to convert into paying clients.

Make sure that your CTA does not blend in with the rest of your content and that it’s relevant to the page it’s on. Also, make it easy for a potential customer to complete the action you want them to make. If something is too complicated, it makes it harder for them to follow through.

SEO Is Your Friend

Once you have your website up and running you want to optimize it for search engines to find your website. This is also called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This will help your site appear higher in search results when people are searching on sites such as Google.

The key with SEO is to be familiar with keywords that will help your site reach the top. Keywords you want to use are the target keywords that your audience is using when they are searching for what your company has to offer.

Local Ads

To help you generate more leads you can take advantage of paid search ads in your local area. These are called Local Service ads, and with these ads you will appear at the top of the search results. You can include important information such as your business name, hours, location, average rating, and phone number.

Keep in mind that these types of ads are only available for service companies, so you won’t have a ton of competition because not everyone can take advantage of Local Service Ads.

Social Media Is Your Friend

Is it also a smart move to engage in social media because it will help customers bond with your company and your brand. With around 5 billion people using social media, this is a perfect place to reach potential customers. Adding social media marketing to your marketing strategy will go a long way in reaching more potential clients.

You can do a mixture of organic social posts and also paid advertisements via your social media channels. The pro about paid ads is that you can target your specific audience that will find your business services relevant.

Think about social media as a strong way to build relationships with both your current customers and potential customers. This is one of the best ways to be a “real” person and put a face behind the business.

Sales Funnel

Another important must is to take the time to establish your sales funnel. There are 3 stages that most potential customers will go through before they pull the trigger and make a purchase. These stages include: awareness, consideration, and decision.

The sales funnel for any company is made up of those three stages. In the awareness stage, create content that will describe the reasons people want what you have. You can discuss the types of glass that people should consider and why.

You also want to add why you are the best service provider for commercial glass. It is ok to show off a bit here.

Use other customer’s positive reviews to your advantage. Keep in mind that this content will also help build your own authority in your niche.

You can use helpful programs such as BidClips glass software to help streamline the entire sales funnel you build.

Word of Mouth Marketing

Generating leads from word-of-mouth will give you strong leads because people will come to you thanks to other happy customers. You can leverage these recommendations to reach leads that you normally wouldn’t have reached thanks to happy clients.

One great way to touch your existing customer audience is by encouraging user-generated content (UGC). The key is to have customers snapping pictures and sharing them on their own social media. This will expose your company and brand to their social circle, in turn, bringing you potential leads that you would’ve never reached on your own.

Make your client’s happy so that you give them something to rave about. The higher your quality of service is and the more you surpass their expectations the more likely they will recommend you to those they know in the future.

Nurture Those Leads

Last but not least, as you start accumulating leads, you want to nurture them. Because not everyone that finds your business will be ready to pull the trigger right away, you want to take the time to speak to them while they are making a decision. One of the best ways to communicate with those potential leads is to speak to them via email.

Ready to Help Your Commercial Glass Company Level Up?

Now that you have learned our top tips to help your commercial glass company find new leads in this competitive business world, you can start taking action.

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