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How Can You Be Addicted and Keep Your Faith?

If you have strong faith in God, Christian rehab centers are actually your best bet in avoiding relapse and finally finding the road to recovery. The foundation of the recovery process is the spiritual principles of our life as followers of Christ, and how we might have lost them along the way.

self-destructive behavior

No Judgement

Addicts who have lost their self-esteem and respect of their family and peers feel that they are at the darkest point of their lives. Understandably, they are going to cautious about going to a treatment center where they feel that their actions are going to be judged. Faith-based rehabs, however, are more interested in the patient finding himself again. Guilt won’t be discarded, but rather acknowledged and more importantly, help the patient forgive himself to avoid going back to self-destructive behavior.

Benefits of Christian Rehabs

  • Faith-based rehab centers are rooted in the 12-step program. While some might criticize the 12-step process as out of date because of the number of recovering addicts who relapsed. But it must be noted that alcoholics who relapsed actually dropped out of the AA meetings in a span of just 12 months. Those who stuck it out after a year have been found to have completely shunned alcohol.
  • There’s a higher being that’s at the center of the recovery process. From the very first moment you enter that door, the counselors already recognize the connection while precluding judgment. Yes, you are human and fallible but it doesn’t make you a bad person. This is something you may have forgotten and hopefully recall. Christian rehab centers know only know full well that alcohol and drugs can hook a person chemically speaking, there’s a trigger that pushes an addict to sniff that drug or take that first sip of liquor.
  • Perhaps the biggest gain of going to Christian rehab is the cost of treatment. A typical faith-based rehab often charges less compared to private institutions. There are also more avenues for subsidy and financial support from Christian-based organizations if the insurance coverage will not cover drug or alcohol treatment.
  • There’s also personnel commitment. The paid and volunteer staff in Christian rehab is more devoted to your recovery process. It’s not a knock on non-Christian facilities, but to go back to the point about work revolving around a higher being, they are more inclined to believe in what they do. The main proof of this is they accept lower wages in a faith-based rehab. 

Being a Part of Something Bigger

Once you lose yourself, it’s very easy to be influenced by others. This is why crime is closely linked to addiction. One of the things you are going to absorb is how to belong to something bigger than yourself without the need to resort to drugs or alcohol. By trusting a higher being, your actions have more purpose. This will translate to an improvement in mindset and behavior, which will only be beneficial once you walk out of that center’s doors.

Sickness of the Spirit

Christian-rehab centers posit that drug and alcohol abuse is about the sickness of the spirit and the void in the soul. People react differently to cope with the hollow meaning of their lives, or the incredible pain they are feeling. The main philosophy is to heal the soul and the spirit, and the mind and body will follow. While that may be an overly simplistic explanation of how it works but it’s true nonetheless. That’s not to say that the task at hand is easy, but the system works as proven by the number of people who successfully turned their backs on substance abuse after completing programs from a Christian rehab center.

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