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How are e-liquids a better choice than tobacco cigarettes?

There are many people who suffer from different diseases and who are advised to ditch their habit of smoking tobacco cigarettes in response with their disease. Such people are given the better alternatives like electronic cigarettes so that they can cause less harm to their health. E-cigarettes contain e-liquids which contain liquids and flavors that are approved by the FDA. E-liquids are considered to be safe as the additives and the flavors that are used are all used in foods and hence they’re accredited by the FDA.

Due to the increased scrutiny of electronic cigarettes which are led by the FDA, they’ve announced the regulation of nicotine delivery systems. These comprise of components like cartridges, e-liquids, atomizers and flavorings. However, does that mean that electronic cigarettes are not at all dangerous for your health?

The benefits of using e-liquids through e-cigarettes

In spite of the better regulation by the FDA and the local and state laws which restrict the use in public, the proponents believe that the electronic cigarettes outweigh the pitfalls. There is enough research that supports all these views. The key research funded by Cancer Research UK found that people who switched from regular cigarettes to electronic ones have low levels of carcinogens in their body rather than those who kept smoking. It was then proved that there is low risk associated with using such devices for a very long time.

Similar results weren’t accomplished among people who used electronic cigarettes just to taper off. The level of carcinogens among the body fluids was not the same as compared to the smoke that tobacco produced. There were other studies which challenged that the electronic cigarettes don’t help people in quitting smoking.

Bid goodbye to yellow fingers with e-liquids

When the e-juice is vaped, your fingers don’t turn yellow and they’re left clean as there is no nicotine used in the electronic cigarettes. Dirty yellow fingers are a disgusting by-product of smoking tobacco particularly when you’re an active tobacco smoker. Tobacco wouldn’t just stain the fingers but it would also stain your mouth, teeth and nose as well. This is a rather disgusting feeling and this will also have an impact on your relationship.

There aren’t any toxins in e-liquid

When you vape an e-liquid, you don’t inhale the toxins which are associated with smoking tobacco cigarettes and this clearly means that there’s no tar. No lead, no arsenic, no hydrogen cyanide and no carbon monoxide.

Hence, whenever you’re wondering about the benefits of e-liquids, you can take into account the above mentioned information. Get your e-liquids from buyv2cigs.co.uk/ and start vaping to quit smoking.

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