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How a New Patient Campaign Can Boost Your Dental Practice: A Guide

Did you know that there were 201,927 active dentists in the US in 2021?

That means you’ve got some stiff competition and patients have got a lot of choices. To attract a new patient to your office, you need to stand out from the crowd. A new patient campaign is an effective way to bring those patients to your door.

What are the best dental marketing tips to attract new patients? Read on for our guide to managing a new patient marketing campaign.

Starting Point: SWOT Analysis

Every marketing campaign should start with a simple SWOT analysis.


  • What makes you the best dentist in the area
  • What can you offer in terms of convenience and comfort that others can’t


  • What do your current patients complain about most often
  • How can you put those things right before trying to attract more patients


  • What needs can you fill in the local area
  • What tools can you use to create awareness that your competitors are not using
  • Can you improve your current marketing tools (e.g. website, social media) to give you an edge
  • Are there additional services you can offer to broaden your appeal


  • Do you have negative reviews online
  • Have some of your patients left due to dissatisfaction

The more you research each of these points, the better you’ll understand your business and your audience. This will allow you to build a solid foundation for your marketing campaign.

Next Steps

First, as much as possible, deal with the negatives. Improve the services that patients have complained about. Also, respond to negative reviews, showing that you take their concerns seriously.

Then think about what sets your dental practice apart from the crowd. Make this the centerpiece of your new patient marketing campaign.

New Patient Referral Bonus

A simple but effective dental marketing tip is to have a new patient referral bonus scheme.

If a patient refers a new patient, give them a bonus. This could be a product or a discount on a regular treatment. Have referral cards ready at the front desk to hand to your patients as they leave.

Try an Eye-Catching Promotion

Everybody loves a bargain. You could offer a discounted rate on a regular service, such as tooth cleaning for registering.

Or you could offer a great deal on a premium service, such as dental implants. There are more tips on dental implant marketing found here.

Whatever promotion you decide to offer, make sure it is affordable. Don’t go out of business flooded with new patients because your offer was too good to refuse.

Improve Your Website

Every dentist office needs a website that is clean, inviting, and easy to navigate. It should have clear information about all your services and be easy to view on a desktop or smartphone. Make the new patient contact page easy to use to convert visits to bookings.

Use your blog to drive local SEO. Research keywords that will help your website to rank higher on Google. Well-written blogs using these keywords can drive more traffic to your site.

Attracting New Patients to Your Practice

To attract a new patient to your practice you need to understand your audience and the strengths of your business.

Make sure your website is easy to use for new patients and has clear information. Use referral bonuses and promotions to get new people through the door. And make sure you’ve ironed out any current patient complaints before inviting new ones in.

If you’re looking for more helpful hints and tips to grow your practice, head over to our Business section today!

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