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House Swap? 4 Vacation House Rules to Set With Your Guests

If you have a second property, renting it out during the summer months is a great way to bring in some extra money.

However, it can be nerve-wracking to leave your home in the hands of others! Establishing clear vacation house rules with your guests is vital to renting your home out.

Not sure what policies you should put in place before you invite guests to reside in your home for vacations? Be sure to continue reading for some things you should keep in mind when deciding on rules for your property.

1. Pet Policy

Before you invite anyone into your home, you should make your rules about pets crystal clear. You’ll want to communicate these rules before guests travel, as you don’t want them to bring Fido along, only to find out he’s not welcome.

If you are a pet-friendly host, you’ll still want to outline your rules. For example, pets may not be allowed in specific rooms or on furniture. Don’t forget to let your guests know where they can dispose of pet waste.

2. Noise and Neighbors

You’ve likely established an amicable relationship with your neighbors. Your guests mustn’t ruin that connection! Let them know when quiet hours are so they can be mindful of nearby residents.

Also, if there are new homes for sale in your neighborhood, be sure to find out if and when any open houses or tours are scheduled. You can request that your guests keep the party inside during these hours.

3. Lay Out Damage Guidelines

Accidents happen – you run the risk of damage or spills when you allow someone else to live in your home. However, you must outline what steps they can expect afterward.

You’ll want guests to report any damage to you quickly. While some things, like stains, may be cleaned, broken items aren’t as easily repaired. You should notify guests that they will be expected to pay for any accidents that occur.

4. Parking Rules

Finally, you’ll want to explain the parking rules for your residence. This is important, especially for guests with more than one car. Also, let them know if there are certain traffic patterns or rules they must follow near your home.

Let guests know what parking options are available for them. If there are specific spots residents must park in, urge them to avoid taking other residents’ parking stalls. This helps keep your neighbors at bay!

Implementing Vacation House Rules Is a Must

Though no one wants to seem like a stickler, establishing rules is detrimental to the safety of your property and your guests.

Laying out vacation house rules allows your guests to avoid awkward situations when checkout time rolls around. Always encourage guests to call you with any questions or concerns they may have about your home!

If you found these ideas for rules for your property informative, be sure to visit the rest of our website. There, you’ll discover more great lifestyle tips and tricks.

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