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Home Bar Furniture Trends You Need to Watch

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Did you know that ready to drink (RTD) beverages grew 131% in the United States thanks to the stay at home orders during the pandemic? This also led to many homeowners adding home bars to their home entertainment plan. We have put together this short guide to share our top tips to level up your home bar with home bar furniture and other must haves.

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When you are creating your home bar, think about seating for sipping. Create a lounge area with comfortable seating to keep your guests comfy. Small round tables with two seats around each table will invite guests to chat and enjoy a drink or two will make for more elegant bars.

Also, think about the stools you want to use right at the bar for people to sit. When it comes to barstools there are endless options from bamboo stools to modern eclectic metal stools. The options are endless, and the key is to choose stools that complement the design and mood you are trying to convey.


There are plenty of ways to spruce up the shelving in your home bar. You can opt for brass shelf brackets if you want to accentuate your bar. This is comparable to using jewelry to accentuate an outfit.

You can also choose to go with clear glass shelves along with a tile that has a strong pop of color.


You will also have to think about the bar glasses you will stock your bar with. Glasses serve more of a purpose than you might realize – they are not just meant to hold drinks. Different shapes and sizes are meant to bring out the flavors and aromas of different cocktails and spirits.

When serving cocktails and spirits then you will need to make sure you have rocks glasses. These are the wide and short glasses that are a staple in all bars. You can also choose coup glasses that work for cocktails and can double as champagne glasses.

If you are going to serve wine at your bar, make sure you also have different wine glasses to serve your whites and reds.

Finishing Touches

This is the part where you add details that make the space feel like you. You can make your garnishes such as olives, lime wedges, lemon wedges, cherries, mint, etc. a beautiful display if you want. Also, pick coasters and cocktail napkins that tie in your design.

Use artwork, flowers, plants, etc. to add even more personality to your bar.

Ready to Try Out These Home Bar Furniture Trends?

Now that you have our top home bar furniture trends, you can make an informed decision on which ideas will fit your ideal home design. Remember this is your home bar, which means your home – your bar!

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