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Hiring vs Outsourcing a Digital Marketing Specialist

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Digital marketing is highly important for your business’s success in this day and age. It is an efficient and effective way to grow your business and create traffic to its products and/or services. If you have not yet implemented digital marketing into your organisations strategies or every-day tasks, it’s time to do so. But the challenge lies in the options of either hiring or outsourcing a digital marketing specialist.

Read on to discover how each could create benefits or drawbacks for your business.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Think About the Cost

Firstly, when you’re hiring consider that time is money. The hiring process includes advertising the position, sifting through resumes and conducting interviews. This takes up a lot of time that you could instead be using to increasing productivity in the workplace.

The amazing thing about outsourcing is that it is inexpensive in comparison. You simply do your research into finding the best digital marketing specialist to fit your business’s needs, negotiate the costs and leave the rest up to them!

Skills and Resources

The major benefit of a digital marketing specialist, if you hire or outsource, is that they have the skills and resources that you may not have in your team already. When you hire one, they have to complete all roles of digital marketing. They must have the skillset to complete any task and acquire the knowledge to do it as best as possible.

On the other hand, when you outsource it is likely that they have multiple experts who can perfect everything you need. They may have someone dedicated to logistics, graphic design or social media. When you outsource you can guarantee you’re getting the best of the best. Whereas one person alone may be an expert in social media, they might lack skills in branding.

Hiring vs Outsourcing

Training and New Technology

A digital marketing specialist may be an expert from when they received their degree and learned the ins and outs. But as time passes they will need ongoing training. This is expensive. Technology is constantly changing and adapting, they have the added challenge to be updated in every field of digital marketing to keep on top of it.

In comparison, as noted before digital marketing companies or agencies have multiple employees to cover all the different fields. It is easier for them to stay in the loop of changes. You have the added bonus of not having to pay for extra training, that’s covered by the outsourced business itself.

These days it is always beneficial to have some sort of digital marketing specialist associated to your business. The digital marketing terrain is always changing. There are constantly new algorithms, trends and they must always approach work with the newest and best approaches. Bless your business with a digital marketing specialist.

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