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Dils Roofing is your partner solar company San Diego. Our solar roofing services in the San Diego County are unmatched. We have nearly 40 years in the local industry, producing the best results for our customers who want to save on utility costs and invest in green energy in San Diego. Partnering with an experienced solar company San Diego reduces utility and future maintenance costs because everything is correctly designed and installed the first time.

Dils Roofing is a fourth-generation, family-owned solar company San Diego offering a comprehensive range of options that takes care of your roof and property and ensures the best results when you’re ready to go solar.

Dils Roofing is one of the best solar companies in San Diego.

San Diego County is one of the country’s top places for renewable energy. Our sunny climate makes San Diego the ideal location for this sustainable energy source. Solar panels are so widespread in San Diego that you probably notice them daily on your commute to work or when strolling around the neighborhood.

Using solar energy to power your residential, commercial, or industrial property in San Diego makes excellent sense. We live in one of the best places in the US for renewable energy to the near-constant sunshine.

Solar PV technology has advanced rapidly and has already achieved enormous strides. As a result, solar power has become the leading option for offering green energy solutions for homes and businesses. In addition to lower monthly energy expenditures, cash incentives and tax credits assist in offsetting installation and ownership expenses.

With the price of rooftop solar panel systems and solar batteries at an all-time low, partnering with a San Diego solar company like Dils Roofing is more economical than ever before. To know more about the company you can click here and get your hands on the best solar roofing solutions!

Installing a new solar array can help safeguard your home from power disruptions, increase your control over your electric expenses, and lower your carbon footprint significantly.

As the premier residential solar company in San Diego, we seek to enable everyone to generate and store solar energy at home. Determine which of our San Diego solar plans best fits your budget and energy demands with or without battery storage.

The net energy metering (NEM) program offered by San Diego Gas & Electric allows you to get bill credits for the extra electricity your solar array generates and transfers to the electric grid. In San Diego, net metering allows you to save money on your future energy costs.

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