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HiPP Formula: The Ultimate Parent’s Guide

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Milk formulas are a real salvation for those mothers who are unable to breastfeed. Even though bottle-feeding was not originally laid down by nature, thanks to modern technology, bottle-feeding has made it possible to create a wide range of formulas with all the nutrients to strengthen the organism as it develops.

Each parent tries to provide a kid with the best because an increase in the incidence of children over the past century directly depends on changes in the diet. That is why, the popularity of natural and organic products has gotten bigger rapidly over the past decade as more consumers recognize their health benefits.

The composition of environmentally friendly products excludes the presence of preservatives, colors, flavors, flavor enhancers, as well as GMOs. So by selecting organic formulas, you can be sure that they will provide children with nutrients for mental and physical development and the formation of rational eating habits. Today, more and more parents all over the world prefer HiPP organic formulas. Let’s find out why.

Why HiPP is chosen

Organic ingredients. The brand’s products contain vitamins and minerals, as well as a complex of omega-3 fatty acids, iron, iodine, and zinc. In short, all the nutrients that a growing organism may need. At the same time, there are no preservatives, dyes, or GMOs in the composition.

Easy to digest. The products are suitable for kids of all ages from birth.

Wide range of assortments. You can pick up both the ordinary formulas for heath kids and specific formulas developed for children with individual characteristics. There are dairy-free cereals, cereals with prebiotics, as well as gluten and sugar-free.

Safety. The vegetables and fruits that are used in the preparation of HiPP baby food are grown on thousands of farms around the world without sprayers, pesticides, and other compounds that can harm the body. Organic farming allows the company not only to provide healthy products to children, but also to care for the environment.

Quality. The food production process is monitored at all stages and is strictly certified according to European standards.

Differences in HiPP subsidiaries

There are three main formula subsidiaries: HiPP Dutch, HiPP UK formula, and Germany. All of these baby formula versions have quite a lot in common in composition – organic skim milk,  prebiotics, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, etc. They are all GMO and gluten free. Still, there is some difference between HiPP subsidiaries. For example, HiPP German 2 has starch and an emulsifier as ingredients, while HiPP Dutch Stage 2 doesn’t have them in composition.

HiPP formula variety

You are free to choose not only infant formula but also organic pasta, cereals, baby cookies, snacks, rice cakes, fruit and cereal bars, baby teas, as well as a tea for a nursing mother to increase lactation from a German brand. Many mothers love the variety of this brand because it includes anti-reflux, hypoallergenic, and biodynamic infant milk. Moreover, today the company also produces cosmetics for expectant mothers and babies (shampoos, bath foam, body milk, cream). There are also accessories: feeding spoons, containers for baby formula, etc.

What HiPP doesn’t use

What ingredients are not included into baby milk:

  • HiPP formulas are all 100% gluten-free
  • Added sugar is pure poison in infant formula, that is why HiPP never adds it into their formulas
  • Maltodextrin is also avoided because it is quite similar to sugar and can cause diabetes, and heart disease

In most versions, soy is avoided in formula composition as well as GMOs and synthetic preservatives.

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