High Quality Products That Are Worth Buying

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The word on the street is that younger, Gen-Z folks love to thrift and buy second-hand. It’s often a more affordable and ecological way to shop.

But there are some high-quality products that you cannot scrimp on. Their cheaper counterparts are not made from the same quality material and do not add the same value to your life.

And they do not last as long, so you have to replace them more often and you end up shelling out more than you would have for the better item!

So, some expensive items are worth the splurge. Wondering what those products are? This is a list of great products that are worth spending money on.


If you are a human person that has lived on Planet Earth for a significant period of time, you have got caught in the rain. Or, to be more specific, you have got caught in the rain without a coat or an umbrella.

So, you buy whatever is available from the nearest store. And in the first gust of wind, the thing is inside out and impossible to hold. It’s torn and the mechanism is so temperamental that you cannot fold it up again.

That’s why it is better to invest in long-lasting items like a sturdy umbrella. Opt for one with canvas coated in a water-resistant substance like Teflon with a high-quality cover. You want an umbrella with a sturdy, windproof frame and an ergonomic handle.

They might be more expensive than the $5 umbrellas at Walmart, but the investment will pay off on the next rainy day.


Your sister has given birth to your new niece or nephew! Your best friend has proposed to his girlfriend and she said yes! You’ve bagged a huge job promotion!

How do you celebrate? With the cheapest bottle of champagne or box of cigars? That’s a sure-fire way to put a downer on any happy occasion.

If you are going to celebrate a milestone or reward yourself for hard work, only high-quality products will do. Find out more info on what makes a high-quality cigar.


When you go on vacation, you likely pack your nicest outfits, your top-of-the-line DSLR camera, and your best jewelry. If you are taking check-in luggage, you know that baggage handlers might not treat your things with the respect they deserve.

So, it makes zero sense to opt for the cheapest suitcase to carry your belongings. Straps and wheels break off all the time and the material or zip might rip open.

Instead, opt for higher quality, pricier luggage from companies like Away or Rimowa. They have fantastic warranties on their luggage. And their hard shell suitcases are almost indestructible.


Can you put a price on a good night’s sleep? Mattresses, comforters, and bedding are all worth the splurge. But pillows, in particular, are crucial to your physical health.

High-quality pillows keep your spine in a neutral alignment and support your whole upper body as you sleep. If you have spine problems, orthopedic pillows are an invaluable investment. And memory foam pillows support whichever sleeping position you favor.

Cheap pillows have a negative effect on your posture and quality of sleep, which could have permanent, damaging effects on your health.


People who have never experienced acne, eczema, rosacea, or another skin condition may not spend much on their skincare routine.

And if they have great skin, why would they?

But if you have suffered from skin complaints like acne, you know that cheap products fix nothing. All they do is dry out your skin and give you more issues. And while skincare products with acids like salicylic and retinol are more expensive, they are 100% worth it.

It might seem superficial, but having clearer skin does help to boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Vacuum Cleaner

So many tech companies have released new-fangled gadgets in the last ten years. Some are worth the cost, others not so much. But the vacuum cleaner has had one of the best gadget glow-ups in recent memory.

If you still use a corded vacuum that only moves in straight lines with a complicated bag system, then you are not living. Vacuuming must take you three times as long as it does with a modern, high-quality vacuum.

You need to invest in a cordless, battery-powered, ball-operated, bagless vacuum. You will save so much time and have far fewer headaches. You may even start to enjoy vacuuming!


Like pillows, any product that affects your health is not a product you should scrimp on. If you often grab any brand or factor of sunscreen from a supermarket on your way to the beach then you might not be getting the sun protection you need.

Opt for a reef-safe sunscreen with a high SPF rating (50+ is best) to protect you from UVB rays. And choose one with five stars for the best UVA protection. High-quality products are also more likely to be non-sticky, leave no stains on your clothes, and be water-resistant.

Hiking Boots

Do you love exploring nature and taking long camping trips? Then you likely know the value of good quality, expensive camping gear. But if you are a newbie, then you should invest in quality hiking boots at the very least.

If your boots consist of cheap synthetic fabrics then they will not be breathable and you will get blisters. If you get blisters, you won’t want to keep hiking and you will ruin your adventure. Opt for full-grain leather boots which are very durable, though you will need to break them in.

Waterproof hiking boots are even more expensive but 100% worth it if you live in a wet climate. Top-of-the-range waterproof fabrics like Gore-Tex keep your feet dry and warm, and comfort is key when you are roughing it outdoors.

High-Quality Products Worth the Splurge

You might be able to thrift a great denim jacket or reuse the same crockpot over and over again without missing out on value. But now you know there are some high-quality products that are worth the extra expense and pay for themselves in the end.

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