Have A Healthy Treat With Your Friends And Family At Mcdonald’s

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Who does not know about McDonalds? The fast food joint has made a significant name for itself in the food industry in the past decade. The chain has been immensely popular with people across the world for a quick bite of famous burgers. However, the eating joint has not been recognized for its burgers only. There is more than you could ask for in the McDonald’s International menu.

What Does The Mcdonalds Menu Provide?

McDonald’s menu caters to you with adequate nutritional information on their food items. The easting joint ensures healthier desserts and snacks to meet your taste bud’s needs. They have not been to delight your taste buds but ensure that you are eating healthy food. The food offered by McDonald’s would have relatively lower calorie and fat content options.

McDonald’s caters to you with healthy snacks and desserts apart from fruit treats, cookies yogurt, coffee, sundaes, shakes, and ice cream cones. Rest assured that you would be spoilt for a choice of food options in the McDonald’s world menu. However, not all would be convinced to have healthy snacks and dessert options. Rest assured that McDonald’s International menu has these options. Their menu has been loaded with foodstuffs to delight your taste buds while ensuring a healthier you. They cater to you with several healthy desserts and snacks, thereby giving you the best options when you consider eating out with your family or friends.

Healthy Food Options At Your Behest

You would be able to make the most of the healthy food options made available with the McDonald’s world menu. The healthy choices would be inclusive of yogurt and fruit parfait along with granola. The calorie content would not be more than 160 and a relatively lower 2gm fat. You could also make the most of the fruit & walnut salad has 210 calories and merely 8gm fat content. Consider enjoying apple dippers with 35 calories and 0gm fat content.

The sundae would be inclusive of relatively lower fat content to meet your health consciousness needs. You would be spoilt for a choice of other options. The strawberry sundae has approximately 280 calories and 8gms fat content. Enjoy the hot fudge sundae with 45 calories and 3.5gms fat content.

To Sum It Up

You could enjoy a healthy treat with your friends and family without worrying about excessive calories and fat content in the McDonald’s menu. They would offer you quality food items at a relatively reasonable price without compromising your health in any way.

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