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Handy Reveals Tips for Your First-Time Home Decorating

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According to Handy, the transition from an old home or a rented apartment to a new house is one of the best feelings in the world. However, with all the happy feelings comes a lot of responsibility and the tedious task of decorating your new home. Home decorating can be a very time-consuming and confusing task, especially if you have no knowledge of interior decoration.

Tips & Tricks

Here are a few tips you may follow for your first-time home decorating:

  1. Create a plan – Creating a plan before getting started would allow you to do things more efficiently and prevent you from making any mistakes. Thus, make sure you have a good idea of where you want all your furniture to be located in your house and what colors would match with them. Ideally, you should have access to the floor plans of the new house along with the measurements of every room and furniture you have to make things easier.

There is no need to rush and buy paints or other stuff that you may think would suit the new house only to figure out there are better alternatives. The best option is to consult an interior design professional to get their expert opinion or get a feel for the place before making any changes.

  1. Start with the paint – The perfect time to apply a fresh coat of paint is before you move into your new home with all the furniture. It’s much more convenient to paint the walls of your room when it is not clogged with furniture. However, it’s not easy to decide what color to paint your rooms with the countless options available. If you are having trouble deciding whether to go with a modern look or a more traditional look, your best bet is to start with a neutral color such as white.
  2. Arrange the bed and sofa – A new bed and mattress are one of the most essential pieces of furniture for a new home. Be sure to measure your bedroom to select the correct bed and frame combo. And research thoroughly about the numerous mattress options available on the market.

Another piece of furniture that you should invest in early is a good sofa set. A high-quality couch can elevate the overall look and feel of almost any living room in addition to becoming a good spot for chilling or entertaining your guests.

  1. Focus on lighting and art – The power of lighting cannot be underestimated, especially if you spend some good money to buy some wall lighting and overhead lighting. It’s best to plan for a layered lighting plan and invest in different types of lighting such as task lighting, ambient lighting, and general lighting. It’s also advisable to arrange your furniture in a way that makes the most out of the natural lighting that enters your home.


Handy suggests you add area rugs, side tables, unique textiles, and accessories to add some texture and personality to your home. You may even add some wallpaper to give it a completely different look and feel.

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