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Guests With Dietary Restrictions? Never Fear, Your Guide Is Here

Did you know that 60% of Americans are working with dietary restrictions? Whether it is following a vegetarian, gluten-free, or dairy-free diet, it is very common for people to have restrictions on what they can consume. This can cause a lot of anxiety when socializing and sharing dinner at a friend’s house.

Not to fear! You can be an amazing host by learning about ways to accommodate your friends and their diet, by cooking healthy and delicious food for everyone at your table. Read on to learn about how to navigate dietary restrictions.

Reach Out Before the Event

It can be uncomfortable for certain people to communicate dietary restrictions or preferences when attending a dinner party. Some people fear seeming like a burden. Getting in the habit of asking guests about any dietary restrictions well before the event is great to ensure that people feel comfortable communicating your needs and that you can create a menu that everyone will enjoy.

Try to Make a Meal That Includes Everyone

When you accommodate guests with dietary restrictions, it may be tempting to make one main meal, and something separate for people who are unable to eat that. This may make them badly about having you prepare a different meal for them.

Whenever possible, try to make food that everyone can enjoy, regardless of their restrictions! For example, if someone is gluten-free and you are making pasta primavera, make the recipe with gluten-free pasta. If someone is a vegetarian and you are making stir-fry, try using tofu instead of the typical chicken or beef.

Ask What They Enjoy Eating

Trying to make a delicious meal to incorporate unique dietary restrictions can be daunting! Do not be afraid to ask your guests what they often cook for inspiration. They may give you tips on certain ingredients they buy, and how they use them to make a yummy meal.

Keeping this open dialogue will increase your confidence in making a delicious meal, and give your guests comfort to know that they will be taken care of at your house.

Run Some Recipes by the Group

When hosting a group dinner party, you will likely have dietary restrictions AND preferences about what people enjoy eating. It can be hard to make something in your cooking comfort zone while knowing that the group will find it delicious.

If you are unsure of what to make, choose a few recipes and run them by the group! They will be happy to offer their feedback. Check out this recipe magazine for some yummy inspiration.

We Wish You Luck Cooking With Dietary Restrictions

Hopefully, this guide helped to build your confidence in cooking with dietary restrictions! It is not a daunting task once you establish an open line of communication with your guests, and agree on a delicious recipe that everyone will enjoy. We invite you to check out this blog for more unique recipe ideas to wow your guests!

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