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Green Thumb Guide: The Best Gifts for a Plant Lover

Did you know that many people turned to gardening as a hobby in the past couple of years? With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, more and more people were at home with their families. They had time to pursue hobbies and passions that they didn’t think possible.

Do you have a plant lover in your life that you have no idea what to get for Christmas? Here is a holiday gift guide filled with tons of gift ideas for plant lovers. Whether they have a vegetable garden or an army of indoor plants, there is something for everyone.

A New Gardening Hat

Coverage is important when a person spends hours outside in the sun for their gardening hobby. Even if they apply sunscreen, it can be difficult to protect their scalp from harmful rays.

The best solution for this problem is a gardening hat. Although any hat will do, it is best to go with something wide-brimmed, which offers the most protection that you can get.

Make sure that you get a more breathable material that is not too thick. This way, their head will still be able to breathe and they can relax in the shade of the brim.

A Collapsible Rake

A rake is an essential gardening tool to clean up debris quickly. You do not have to rely on electricity or batteries to use a rake. A rake will likely get the most action in the autumn months when leaves fall down in most parts of the United States.

If your plant lover finds themselves without enough storage for a full-sized rake, you can upgrade their tool to maximize space. Try a collapsible rake that is also portable. They can easily pick it up and carry it to any part of their yard that they need to rake quickly.

A Good Pair of Gardening Gloves

When you work with any types of plants that are thorny or poisonous, the last thing you want is to touch them with your bare hands. Garden gloves come to the rescue, protecting the fingers from damage and dirt while you dig to your heart’s content.

The trick with gardening gloves is that they are often too thick for handling delicate produce and flowers. Try to find a pair that protects your hands but also offers the tactile sensation that you need to garden effectively.

Indoor Planters

If your plant lover likes indoor plants, then they will always need some containers for their growing collection of houseplants. Try to find out which plants they like best and how large they will grow. This will give you a good idea of what type of planter to buy.

You can also consult interior plants services if you need some inspiration to jazz up the indoor houseplants. They can give you great recommendations on plants that will work with your furniture and how to arrange them so that they are healthy.

Composting Supplies

Although you can buy soil and plant nutrition from the store, it is always better when it comes naturally from the earth. An easy way to produce nutritious soil on our own is by building a compost in your yard.

If your plant lover friend or a family member has a compost, you can buy the materials to upgrade their compost setup. The more efficient you become at composting, the more room you need to grow your ecosystem.

You can also purchase a beginner’s compost kit if they are just starting out with composting. This usually includes a small compost bin, starter bacteria, and some food scraps to get them started.

A Magazine Subscription

Here is an item that you would not normally expect in a holiday gift guide for a plant lover: a magazine subscription. Although the internet has all of the information they could need regarding houseplants and other foliage, sometimes it feels good to flip through a magazine.

Magazines can be nationally circulated or curated for your specific region or city. For instance, if you live in the American Southwest, then chances are the advice and articles in the magazine will be about desert and chaparral plants.

A Gift Card

If you do not have any specific gift ideas for plant lovers, you cannot go wrong with a gift card for their favorite home and gardening store. That way, they will be able to pick out their own gardening supplies or new plants that they want for their collection.

To make it fun, offer to go with them to the store when they spend the gift card. You can get a good idea of what types of plants they like, and use this information to get them gifts in the future.

Gardening Clogs

Gardening can be a fun hobby, but it is also incredibly messy. If you’re not careful, you can ruin your clothes and shoes with dirt and soil. Some plants also give off pollen or sticky substances that are difficult to get out of your clothes.

Gardening shoes are a perfect addition to any holiday gift guide. Your loved one will appreciate gardening clogs because they are breathable and you can clean them easily.

Crocs are one of the most popular brands for gardening because of their durable material. They have convenient holes, making it simple to spray them down with a hose and leave them out to dry.

Give Your Plant Lover the Best Gift

If you have a family or friend with a green thumb, you should not have to worry about what to get them for their birthday or Christmas. With this gift guide, you can ensure that your plant lover has all of the supplies they need to care for their greenery.

Would you like to learn more about how to buy gifts for every person in your life? Check out our site for all of the gift inspiration you will need for any person or any occasion.

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