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Grapefruit benefits for your mane

Everybody loves this delicious, orange fruit, with pleasant small and incredible qualities. Unfortunately, not many people know about exceptional benefits it can provide our mane with. Grapefruit has an incredible sweet and, at the same time, bitter taste and remarkable refreshing and toning effect. This natural antioxidant contains huge amount vital nutrients and vitamins, which are able to create a real miracle to your scalp and hair. Essential grapefruit oils can help you to fight any problem and make your hair shine again. Check out three interesting ways to use grapefruit on your hair, made by our professionals at the best hair salon Soho in NYC. 

beautiful shine

For healthy mane

Grapefruit oil is a wonderful thing for scalp massaging. This procedure improves the blood flow in your scalp, what stimulates hair follicles to produce new, healthy hairs. With regular massaging you can forget about hair loss one and for all. Moreover, unique grapefruit nutrients will provide your hair with natural shine. In combination with lemon, orange and sage, grapefruit can serve as a marvelous hair mask for major volume and bounce.

For nice smell

Grapefruit oil can become a wonderful hair deodorizer. All you need is to mix a few drops of essence with clear water, and fill some spray bottle with this mixture. Spray it to your dry mane after shampooing it as usual. Fresh and sweet aroma will remain on your hair during the whole day, adding natural gloss.

For beautiful shine

Our hair can become dull and brittle because of constant usage of harmful hairstyling products and harsh chemicals, present in some shampoos and conditioners. Simply massage your scalp with grapefruit juice and then spread it over the entire length. Don’t forget to rinse your head with a warm water. After this procedure, your mane will be soft, silky, and excessive grease will be removed at once.

Now you know about three interesting ways of using grapefruit oil to your hair. You should also know that this fruit is full of Vitamin C, calcium and potassium, which helps to reduce water retention, stress, and tension, and increase immunity system,.

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