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Gps Store Near Me: The Benefits of GPS Tracking

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Originally intended for military applications, GPS navigation relies on a network of 24 satellites that have been placed into orbit by the United States. By using a GPS system in your fleet operations, you can experience greater clarity into your driver’s activities and can boost your business in a very big way.

Managing a fleet effectively is not an easy task to handle, even for the most experienced fleet managers. For fleets and businesses that want to manage vehicles effectively while decreasing costs and inefficiency, using a fleet management system with GPS functionality is essential.

Before you search for “GPS store near me,” be sure that you understand what the benefits of GPS tracking are. This guide will tell you everything that you need to know.

What Is a Fleet GPS Tracking System?

A global position system (GPS) tracking system is a device that communicates with a network of satellites to determine its location in the world.

By using GPS tracking systems in vehicles and fleets, it’s possible to know exactly where a vehicle is at any given time. The benefits of having this real-time knowledge can’t be understated. Implementing GPS in your fleet can do a lot to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and foster better communication.

If you want to improve efficiency and productivity in your fleet, you need to invest in a GPS tracker to succeed and make the most of your operations.

What Features Do Fleet Tracking Systems Have?

While a simple GPS system alone can be beneficial for drivers, fleets will typically want to use a fully featured fleet tracking system to experience the most benefit. In addition to GPS functionality, these systems can provide a lot of additional features and tools that can help to improve efficiency, safety, and clarity in operations.

Here are some of the main features that you can expect to get when investing in a fleet management system for your fleet:

  • GPS vehicle tracking
  • Driving behavior analysis
  • Alarms and notifications
  • Fuel management and monitoring
  • Route planning and monitoring
  • Integration with CRM software
  • Historical data and machine learning
  • Electronic document management

The features that are included as part of a GPS fleet tracking solution will vary based on the provider, so be sure to do your research when searching for a system to use. However, the features above are some of the most common that you’re likely to see in the top fleet GPS systems that are available today.

Top Benefits of Using GPS Tracking Systems

So what are the top GPS tracking benefits for fleets? Here are the main advantages you should know about.

Fleet Managers Will Have Better Clarity

When using a GPS tracking system as a fleet manager, you’ll gain more insights and clarity surrounding operations.

You’ll be able to see many different things that relate to your fleet, including real-time notifications, reports, and tracking. Along with a vehicle’s location, some of the things that fleet managers can see include a vehicle’s speed, vehicle stops, idle time, and other vehicle activities.

With this information, you’ll be able to hold drivers accountable and can easily account for all vehicles remotely.

Productivity and Efficiency Will Improve

With a fully featured tracking system in place, a fleet manager can manage a fleet effectively and optimize the activities of each driver.

Drivers can be monitored to ensure that they’re on task and using their time in the best way. Understanding their location and vehicle activity through GPS tracking can be a big part of improving the efficiency of the fleet and getting the most out of each driver.

If drivers are too far off track, idle for too long, or not following the correct routes, then fleet managers will know and will be able to make adjustments as necessary.

You’ll Be Able to Plan Superior Routes

One of the reasons that GPS systems can be so beneficial for a fleet is that they can help you to plan better driving routes.

Route planning will be much easier to handle once you’re able to track your drivers and their paths accurately. You can determine the actual time it takes when taking a certain route and can determine the fuel usage more accurately.

Because of the accurate route data that you’ll have, you can plan better routes and can optimize them as time goes by. This can improve efficiency a lot and can be very beneficial for your business.

Operating Expenses Will Be Lower

GPS tracking can also help to reduce operating expenses when managing a fleet.

Because a GPS system will provide more visibility over the activity of drivers, it can also help fleet managers to optimize their routes. This can help you to improve fuel costs since your drivers will be taking more efficient paths.

On top of this, you’ll also be able to improve driver behavior. You’ll be able to identify reckless driving, and this will prevent accidents as well as unnecessary repairs and vehicle downtime. Reducing the risk of accidents can also lead to insurance costs decreasing.

You Can Reduce Insurance Costs

Implementing GPS tracking can also help you to develop a better relationship with your insurance company.

Many insurance companies will provide a significant discount for fleets that make use of GPS tracking and fleet management software. Their risk will be lowered when you carefully track your vehicles, so they would likely be willing to give you a discount and allow you to pay less for the insurance that they provide.

This is another reason that using GPS can improve cost efficiency in your business so much.

You Can Protect Your Business From Vehicle Theft

GPS tracking can also help to reduce vehicle and asset theft as well. Because you’ll always know where your vehicles are, you’ll be able to easily find out where they are if they’re stolen. You can then give the information to the relevant authorities.

This can be very helpful if your fleet drivers make overnight stops. You’ll know that your valuable equipment is well taken care of and will be found if it gets taken.

You’ll Improve Driver Safety

Once you implement GPS tracking in your fleet, you may notice that your drivers start driving more safely. Many fleet management software solutions can monitor a driver’s driving behavior and can identify unsafe actions such as speeding, stopping abruptly, and more.

Once drivers understand that you can monitor their driving behavior, they’re more likely to work hard to avoid reckless driving. If any drivers fail to drive safely, you’ll be able to find out about it.

Another way that fleet GPS software can improve safety is that you can more easily help drivers when they need assistance. You can identify where they are if they have an accident or are experiencing another dangerous situation.

You’ll Get Real-Time Alerts and Notifications

Not only can you monitor activity in real-time, but you can also get notifications and alerts when certain things occur.

You can get alerts, for example, when a vehicle arrives at its destination or leaves a location. This information can be very useful and can allow you to communicate effectively with recipients of shipments and other facility managers.

Because you’ll get alerts in real-time, you’ll never be out of the loop. You won’t need to wait to hear from a driver to know whether they have arrived at their destination or not.

You Can Provide a Better Customer Experience

GPS tracking also helps you provide better service to your customers.

You can give them more data and real-time information about deliveries and proof of shipments. You can give them more accurate delivery times and can help them understand where your drivers are at any given moment.

This can help them to feel more satisfied with your business and feel like you have their best interests in mind.

You’ll Always Know When to Maintain Your Vehicles

When using GPS devices that were intended for use by fleets, you’ll also be able to stay on top of maintenance more easily. GPS tools can send you reminders when it’s time to get maintenance performed by tracking the mileage and engine hours of vehicles.

It can sometimes be hard to keep track of vehicle maintenance on your own, but with a GPS system, it becomes a smooth and straightforward process.

Your Drivers May Avoid Traffic Violations

One of the benefits of GPS trackers is that they can be helpful in instances where drivers get speeding tickets or traffic violations.

The GPS information you have at your disposal can allow you to prove the speed that a vehicle was going at any given time and can help a driver if they are accused of something that they didn’t do. You can verify the driver’s behavior and can challenge the ticket in court if necessary.

You Can Create More Accurate Invoices

GPS tracking may be able to help with invoicing in certain businesses as well.

By using GPS, you can clearly track how far a vehicle went and how many miles it traveled to reach its destination. This can help you to decide how much to charge for certain services and deliveries. It can give you a clear idea of the finances involved with the actions your vehicles take.

With this information, you can create a better business. You can improve your financial situation by making accurate calculations.

Your Fleet Will Stay Compliant

Also important when managing a fleet is to ensure that you’re remaining compliant.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) outlines regulations and compliance laws that you’ll need to adhere to if your business isn’t exempt from the requirements. Electronic logging devices (ELDs) are required by commercial drivers who have the requirement to prepare hours-of-service (HOS) and records of duty status (RODS).

Make sure that you understand the requirements, and if they apply to your fleet, use a GPS to comply with the rules.

You’ll Get More Out of Your Vehicles

Using a GPS system can allow you to get the most out of each vehicle that you have in your Fleet.

Because you’ll be able to better identify the status of your vehicles, you can know when a vehicle is available for use. If there is an idle vehicle, you can make use of it and can assign it a task.

By understanding the status of your vehicles at all times, you can make the most of each one and can ensure that you aren’t being less productive than you could be.

You Can Reduce Paperwork

Using GPS tracking can also help you to reduce paperwork in your fleet management activities as well. Because a GPS system can do so much automatically, many details will be taken care of for you.

Managers, dispatchers, and drivers won’t have to do as much to track and store details of each vehicle’s activities. This can lead to increased efficiency and a lighter workload for you and your team.

Searching for a GPS Store Near Me

Before you start searching the web for a “GPS store near me,” make sure that you understand all of the information outlined above.

Investing in a fully featured GPS fleet tracking system can be a great way to improve operations. However, be sure to understand the benefits of these systems and ensure that the one you choose to use has the features that your fleet needs.

Interested in discovering more tips and insights that can take your fleet operations to the next level? Start browsing our blog now to find more helpful articles and in-depth guides.

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