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Good Essay Structure

Similar to a good guide, assignment writers UK need to be aware that good essay writing is a skill that depends on the initial structure of the essay being carefully considered and thought out. The intended journey needs to be considered, to be planned and to be followed. Not only is it important for assignment writers UK to understand their subject matter, each one of their essays needs to follow a logical structure and to be divided by accurate punctuation into relevant, connected paragraphs that flow in a carefully considered logical fashion. The plan or route needs to be followed in a logical manner. Good essay writing can be likened to following a series of stepping-stones across a patch of marshy land. It is an accepted form for the essay writer to engage the following three aspects of an essay: an Introduction; the Main Body; and finally a Conclusion, in a similar manner to three main stages in the traversing of marshy land via a series of stepping-stones.

On the high, dry land, looking across to the other side: The Introduction is often stated at the outset and written as a sub-heading to the section itself. The essay writer offers a few paragraphs which outline the content of the essay, explaining the reason for writing it and its main points. This can be likened to the guide explaining the landscape to the walkers. If the essay is written in response to a question, or give a view of an argument or opinion, then this should be clearly and succinctly stated in this section. The reader should be aware of where the various features are.

The Stepping Stones: The Main Body follows on from the Introduction and also needs careful planning with each paragraph containing an objective viewpoint, a topic sentence, a reason for raising the subject in the first place, evidence for its importance, and why it matters. The argument should always be supported by textual evidence. The last sentence of each paragraph should summarise the key points of the paragraph and form a connection with the content of the next paragraph. It should lead the reader seamlessly forward, one step at a time, with no dangerous leaps across unseen dangers, over the stepping-stones to the drier, firmer land on the far side.

On the opposite side, on the high, dry land: The Conclusion should do precisely this; to conclude the essay and is usually, as is the Introduction, written as a sub-heading. The essay writer concludes the essay by initially reminding the reader of the purpose of the essay, by referring to the Introduction; followed by the result of the discussion of the essay, through reference to the subject matter in the paragraphs in the Main Body; and finishing with a brief summary of the content of the essay and the resultant conclusions engendered by the essay’s content. Thus the walker can see where they have been, what it has been like and understand how they arrived at the drier, higher land on the other side.

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