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Going‌ ‌Back‌ ‌In‌ Time: ‌Free‌ ‌Play‌

Decades ago, toys like blocks, chalks, and bicycles were the pillars of childhood. But in the digital age, screens continue to take over traditional playtime. Children are now growing up in an infinite array of virtual activities. This exposure is a concern for experts, especially when it comes to child development.

We all know that conventional games are having a hard time competing with the ever-growing digital media. But now that we’re in quarantine, it’s the perfect moment to shake things up in the house. There are many ways to attract the attention of even the youngest members of your household.

Importance of Traditional Games

With most of the world under COVID-19 lockdown, many individuals have no choice but to stay at home. Almost everyone today relies on mobile and internet communication services to remain in touch with friends and coworkers.

Because of this unusual scenario, people’s dependency on technology continues to grow rapidly. So, when a device or gadget breaks, the need for phone repair is arguably more critical today than ever.

This situation is where free play comes in. Play is a vital element of human existence. In children, it helps develop physical, cognitive, and social skills. Additionally, it is the perfect strategy to prepare them for adult roles. When it comes to grownups, gaming helps release the tensions and anxieties of everyday life.

Traditional Games to Try

The major selling point of traditional games is that they don’t always require any special equipment. Most of them take little more than your creativity and a willingness to have fun. Aside from having basic rules and a rapid turnover, most of these games encourage connection.

Here are some of the finest games you need to try with your family.

Coppers and Robbers

This game is simple and enjoyable, especially if you prefer to engage in physical activity. To execute this game, you need to have two groups. One group plays as the robbers, where each member must hide and escape. At the same time, the other party is the cops, who need to track each robber down.

The challenge is for the cop group to catch their opponents one by one and transport them to the imaginary jail area. As soon as the entire team is in jail, both parties will switch roles.

Quiz Nights

Are you the type to ask random trivia to your household? Why not schedule a night that everyone will remember? You can gather your family members and throw in any questions or fun facts several times. It’s a fantastic technique to keep everyone safe at home while also exercising the brain.

Treasure Hunt

Organizing a treasure hunt requires some time and effort to set up. But, it will keep everyone busy for quite some time. All you need to do is to scatter clues around your house, which leads to the others. The last one should indicate the location of the treasure of some sort.

The prize doesn’t have to be a grand surprise; it can be a treat, favorite movie, or anything they will enjoy.


Nothing is more classic than this playground game. In the group, someone will be the “It.” That person must chase the others around and try to touch them on the back with their hand while shouting “tag.” The one they tap will become “It,” and they must now pursue the others.

Red Light, Green Light

You can play this game in various ways, but the classic rule involves a person standing at one end of a room away from the rest of the group. While that person faces the wall, the others will try to move closer behind and get as near as possible.

The challenge is for the person to shout “red light” and look around. Those who catch moving and turning around will have to go back at the starting line and do it all over again. To win, one player must reach the wall and make contact with the other player.

Simon Says

This game is ideal for younger children. They take turns playing the role of “Simon,” and whoever is “Simon” provides the commands with the phrase “Simon says.” So, they will say something like, “Simon Says, touch your face,” and all players must follow.  But if the “Simon” commands without the phrase, the other players should not comply. Anyone who does is out.

Wrapping Up

Nowadays, almost everyone focuses on their devices and gadgets. While those activities are enjoyable, you might be losing out on a variety of more exciting opportunities.

Having a life outside the virtual world and engaging in traditional activities are helpful, especially now that we’re in the pandemic. Try it out, and enjoy the benefits that come along with it.

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