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Glossy vs. Matte Business Cards: What Are the Differences?

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Studies show that 72 percent of business card recipients use business card quality factors to judge a company.

It would be best if you got the proportions right, included your logo correctly, and made it easy for people to contact you.

But, there are specific branding rules you must follow, depending on the material you will use for the business cards. For example, there is a difference between glossy vs. matte business cards.

So, today, we will examine the differences between these two materials and help you choose the right design for your cards.

Glossy vs. Matte Business Cards: Appearance

A glossy business card is more eye-catching and luxurious-looking, so it’s great for businesses that want to make an excellent first impression. However, they can be more prone to fingerprints and smudging, so they might not be the best choice for businesses that require a lot of handling.

Matte business cards have a more sophisticated look and feel, which can be great for businesses that want to convey a sense of professionalism. They’re also less likely to show fingerprints and smudges, so they’re a good choice for businesses requiring much handling.

However, they can be more challenging to read than glossy business cards, so they might not be the best choice for companies with complex information to convey.

Which Is More Durable: Glossy or Matte?

Glossy business cards are more durable as their surface is usually covered with a particular film. It can protect the card from water damage and tearing when we keep them inside our wallets. These cards are also thicker than matte cards, which is why they are not torn often.

Matte business cards are made from paper or cardboard. They are easily made but can also be easily crumpled and torn. You should also take much better care of it and avoid getting wet. The print can get smudged if exposed to water, and the entire card may also get damaged.

Costs to Make Matte and Glossy Business Cards

A glossy business card is more expensive to print than a matte business card. However, they have a high-end, professional look that can make a great first impression. Glossy business cards are a great choice if cost is not a significant concern.

Matte business cards are less expensive to print than glossy business cards. They have a more understated look that can be ideal for some businesses. Businesses can print more matte business cards because of their low cost.

Check out reputable suppliers to get the best deals on the cards you need. These companies can cater to the needs of small and large businesses. They also offer next day business cards for companies in a rush.

Make a Good Impression With High-Quality Business Cards

It comes down to what kind of image you want to project if you’re trying to decide between glossy vs. matte business cards. Glossy cards are more expensive and seen as more luxurious, while matte cards are more down-to-earth. The decision is up to you.

If you want to make a big impression, go with glossy. If you want to be more budget-friendly, go with matte.

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