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Gifts for the Beer Lover in Your Life

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The holidays are quickly approaching, and you may struggle to find the perfect gift for the beer lover in your life.

Not to worry! We’ve curated a list of unique gifts for beer drinkers to please even the most discerning connoisseur. From barware to apparel, we’ve found beer gift ideas for every type of beer lover. No matter their interests, we’ve discovered something they’ll love.

So if you need gift ideas for beer drinkers this holiday season, don’t settle for an ordinary gift – surprise them with beer-related gifts they’ll love. Let’s look and find the perfect beer gift for your beer lover!

Steins and Beer Mugs

A wide range of beer steins and mugs are available today. Each can have cultural differences that make them unique depending on where it is purchased. Here are the most common types:

The German Beer Stein

These are the most popular type of stein used in Germany and other European areas. They usually come with lids made from pewter or porcelain, typically with a figure or phrase etched into them.

The English Beer Mug

These beer mugs often feature metal handles, a lid, and intricate details such as animal figures, coat of arms symbols, or even family crests engraved onto them for identification purposes.

The Belgian Beer Mitts

They may not technically fall under the category of ‘mug’ due to their material makeup. They are made of leather stitched together by hand to form an AWESOME-looking handle-less design. It’s capable enough to grip firmly without spilling any liquid contents inside!

The American Shaker Pint Glasses

Unlike many older designs, which typically only held tiny amounts (half pint size), these Shaker pint glasses are much bigger with thicker walls. That works well to increase strength while you drink up your favorite beverage!


Keep beer mugs, beer bottles, and other barware safe from scratches and beer rings with these stylish beer coasters. Consider looking for something unique, like this beer-chilling coaster that helps beer stay cold for longer.


Beer glasses come in various shapes and sizes, each designed to bring out your favorite brew’s flavor, aroma, and color. Depending on the type of beer, specific glassware can make a huge difference — from traditional pints to flutes and more.

When it comes to lagers or light beers like Pilsners, there are three primary types of glassware that work best:

  • The Pint Glass (also known as a shaker glass)
  • The Nonic (named for its ridged lip)
  • The Tulip-Shaped classic

Nothing beats a Weizen glass for wheat beers like Hefeweizen, Weizenbock, and Weissbier. They’re tall with a thin stem leading up to an egg-shaped bowl at the top (aka hefeweizenschlenker).

For dark stouts, look no further than what’s called “the snifter.” These short tumblers require less carbonation due to their thick walls. They help keep cold temperatures longer; plus, they look pretty sitting atop any table or bar setting – bonus points!

Finally, let’s remember flutes. They provide maximum effervescence when you take a sip – ideal conditions are created by trapping carbon dioxide inside while preventing oxygen infiltration.


No beer lover should be without a beer koozie to keep their beer cold and their hands dry. You can order personalized koozies with pictures and beer-related phrases.

Bottle Openers

It’s almost a given that any beer lover already has a bottle opener. So to make this gift special, find something unique and thoughtful.

Bottle openers come in various fun and novelty styles, ranging from beer-themed kitchen utensils to beer bottle openers in the shape of pop culture characters and icons.

We suggest combining fun with functionality. Look for a bottle opener keychain designed to delight your recipient. They’ll always have a unique, personalized gift and a handy bottle opener in their pockets with their keys.

Beer Sign

Add a beer-themed sign to the beer lover’s bar or man cave. These beer signs come in all shapes and sizes and make great conversation pieces. We’re partial to customized LED or neon signs to brighten a space.


Let beer lovers take their beer on the go with a beer growler. They can fill it up at their favorite brewery and bring it along for beer-tasting adventures.

Beer Keg

A beer keg is a perfect beer gift for those who like to entertain. Fill it up with beer and let the beer-drinking party begin!


Do beer lovers need more beer? Keep beer cold and ready to serve with beer coolers. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors so beer lovers can enjoy a cold one while showing off their beer-loving style.

Special rapid chillers are designed to cool beverages to the perfect ice-cold temperature within one minute! Now that’s an impressive beer-loving gift.

Beer Subscription

This is the gift that keeps on giving! A beer subscription will allow your beer lover to sample beers from different breweries every month.

These beer subscriptions make great gifts for beer lovers looking to broaden their beer knowledge and beer-tasting experience. They’ll love discovering new beer styles and flavors.

Home Brewing Kit

If beer lovers are serious about beer, why not give them the gift of home brewing?

Homebrewing kits can turn beer lovers into beer makers, allowing them to make beer from the comfort of their own homes. This beer-themed gift is perfect for the beer lover who loves experimenting and trying new beer recipes.

Home brewing kits come in different sizes and styles. Find out what kind of beer your gift recipient likes, and buy them a home brewing kit that suits their tastes.

Gift Basket

If you can’t pick just one gift, put together a beer-themed gift basket for the beer lover in your life. Include beer-related items such as bottle openers, mugs, glasses, and steins. You can even include custom apparel or craft beer to make it extra special!

The Best Gifts For a Beer Lover

No matter what beer-themed gift you choose, it will brighten the beer lover in your life’s holiday season. From beer-themed apparel to beer-making kits, beer subscriptions, and more, there’s something for everyone on your list.

Thanks for reading! Did you enjoy this article? Remember to read more of our gift ideas and inspiration guides here on the VWB blog! Happy beer shopping!

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