Getting Together: 6 Community Event Ideas

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Building a community is something that some people would like to do, but it is not always easy to do. Since the pandemic, more and more people have stayed closer to home, with international flights down 42%.

This means that more people are staying closer to their communities, and now that restrictions are loosening up, there could be opportunities for those people to get together.

But, what can you do? Here are six community event ideas.

1. Themed Party

This can be a great way to either celebrate a holiday or allow your community to get creative and have some fun. You can throw a costume party for Halloween, an ugly sweater party for Christmas, a rager for New Year’s, and more.

You can even theme it around an interest or TV shows like a local sports team or Game of Thrones.

2. Block Party

One of the top community events for a certain neighborhood or street can be a block party. This allows everyone that lives on the block to bond over planning the event out and having fun together with their street closed off to the outside world.

Things you can do here include games, arts and crafts, inflatables, a barbeque, and more.

3. Auction

This can not only be an excellent way to bring a community together, but it can also be a good way to raise money for your community and to promote local businesses. You can encourage everyone to put up items, and perhaps local businesses will put up things from their own place to encourage you to visit them.

That may require a venue, and for that, you can search here.

4. Walking Tour

One of the better community even ideas for families is a walking tour of your area. Sure, everyone here might know local stores inside and out, but it can be a great way to rediscover areas you have not seen in a while or learn more about the history of your area.

It can also be used to point out what makes your community special or to remember something in the past that should not be forgotten.

5. Trivia Night

You can garner this to be for adults, children, or families, depending on what type of trivia you are going for. Regardless, it is something that people of all ages can do, and it can be a great way to test people’s knowledge on a subject while getting together for a friendly competition.

6. Street Fair

Finally, a street fair on the main street in your town is another way to raise money for your community, while giving local businesses an opportunity to promote themselves. Restaurants can set up a stand to sell food while crafters can set up a stand to show off their skills for making products for you to enjoy.

Discover More Community Event Ideas

These are just six community ideas that you can use to get your community closer together. It can be targeted towards adults, families, or even children depending on which one you go with.

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