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Get the JLB 21101 Monster Truck and maintain the speed on off roads

Cars and truck toys are one of the most beloved toys of all time. Toy monster trucks are one of the most evolved technologic toys that are liked by all generations. The rc moster truck has been evolved truly to make the fun go from inside of the house to the outside. The jlB racing 21101 monster trucks is designed to run off the road so playing with it indoors is just keeping a person inside the house. This trucks I now have a sleek design that can overcome any kind of environment and run on most of the terrain. If there is a kind in the house who likes to stay in then this truck will certainly bring him out.

Here is what makes this monster truck so special

  1. Speed and Battery: This little bad boy is having a maximum speed of 80km/hr. This is the speed which will certainly keep the others cars in this range of move out. The battery powers through 4000mAh 11.1V 3S 30C Li-Po, one can say that it’s a lot of battery power that this monster truck is holding. The speed goes aggressive because it’s hiding a brushless 3670 2500kv motor for that massive run as the button is pushed. Surely this is one monster truck which will run to conquer the land.
  1. Wheel Tail: There is certainly an extra set of wheels and it’s not just for show. When the full throttle is given then the car makes a wheelie. The wheels are there so that the car gets a nice base to keep moving forward. This monster truck holds too much power inside it from the start and that tail wheel gives a proper incursion for the wheelie which is going to occur. From the start and with a wheelie the truck always has a head start.
  1. High-quality material: The truck is made to survive in all types of conditions. This truck had been made after looking at all things that might be able to bring a bigger damage to it. The material is not hard or not soft and kept an exact portion to keep a good interface with the surroundings all the time. The truck is basically made to run off roads and those roads are not pretty. This little monster will survive it all. Just bring this baby out and check what all the things it can do.
  1. The controller: The controller might look like a normal one but it’s truly not normal. For controlling a monster truck which runs 80km/hr a handy controller is required. It’s a 2.4G Radio controller that works amazing the bad boy. The controller is not hard to understand and even the kids will love it. Most of the parents love when their kids play with this instead of sitting inside homes.

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