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Get Out of Here! What to Do When You Have a Wildlife Nuisance

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Finding a wildlife nuisance in your home is one of the last things you want to discover. Wildlife can quickly take over your property if not removed as soon as they’re discovered. Wildlife can range from a variety of different critters, including raccoons, moles, birds, and more!

Different wildlife critters can cause different damages to your home as well. If you believe your home might be on the verge of being taken over by wildlife, then you’ll want to address this issue immediately before it worsens. One of the best ways to quickly remove wildlife from your home is to continue reading this guide below.

Here, you’ll find every step you need to take to ensure you remove these pests and keep property damage at a low.

Identify the Critters

The very first step to removing wildlife from your home is to know what you’re dealing with. Identify the critters so you can then devise an appropriate plan to effectively remove them from the property. Avoid making assumptions about the wildlife that’s not inhabited your home.

You need to be sure of the critters you’re dealing with if you want to be successful. To help you identify the critters, pay close attention to the type of damages they’re causing. Look at soil disturbance, tree bark damage, garden damage, and more.

You can also look at animal tracks, scat, and whether the damages are occurring during the daytime or nighttime. When you observe these factors carefully, it’ll help you determine the type of animal on your property.

Learn Why They’re There

Once you know what type of critter you’re dealing with, you can then begin to figure out why they’re there. Wildlife will inhabit your home or property for a few different reasons. They’re always on the hunt for food, shelter, and water.

If your home is providing them with these things, then they’re going to build their home there. Think about the type of animal you’re dealing with and their natural behaviors. What’s bringing them to your home?

Once you know what’s attracting them to your property, you can then begin to make changes to make your home less appealing.

Find Their Points of Entry

If the wildlife critters are inside your home, then you need to find their points of entry. How are they getting inside your house? Where are they coming from?

Take a quick walk around both the inside and outside of your home looking for signs of an access point. Do you see any small holes or cracks in the foundation or structure of your home? Many critters can find their way through even the tiniest of gaps.

If you believe you’ve found where they may be coming in through, then you’ll want to take the time to seal these entry points. Close up any cracks or holes and install wire mesh where needed. If you can prevent them from accessing your home, then you’ve already taken the first step.

Modify Their Habitat

Now that you know what type of animal you’re dealing with, why they’re in your home, and where they’re coming from, you can now begin to modify their habitat. You want to make their habitat less attractive to them so they’ll hopefully decide to set up shop somewhere else. Start by rearranging, moving, or eliminating whatever factor is drawing them in.

For example, if they’re seeking water, then you should remove all standing water from the inside and outside of your property and fix any leaks. Is your garbage easily accessible? If so, then consider making it less accessible for them or even impossible for them to reach it.

Use Deterrents

Don’t forget to use deterrents as well. You now know a lot about the critters on your property, so you should know what deterrents work best. There are a few things you can try, such as installing wire mesh around the garden or a fence around the yard.

You can use different scare tactics such as noise-makers, sprinklers, or your own pets. Know what works best for the specific type of critter you’re dealing with and then use these deterrents around the property.

Humanely Trap the Critters

Live traps are a good way to humanely trap the critters for release somewhere away from your home. Trapping different wildlife isn’t always simple, however. The type of trap you use, the bait you supply, where you set up the trap, and how you disguise it will all be determined by the type of critter.

This is why it’s so important to do your research. That way, you can save yourself time and money. It’s also important to speak with your local authorities about the proper release methods.

Contact Pest Control Services

Let’s face it. Trying to rid your home of wildlife on your own can be challenging at times. The best way to ensure the pests are removed and they don’t come back is to contact pest control services.

There are professionals that work with a variety of wildlife nuisances, such as professional mole removal services or professional raccoon trappers. Contact a local pest control service near you and ask what type of services they offer. They’ll also be able to come out to your home and help you identify the type of critters on your property, why they’re there, and where they’re coming from.

Then can then come up with a treatment plan for you that’s effective.

Address Your Wildlife Nuisance Today

If you’re dealing with a wildlife nuisance in your home, then the time to address it is now. Don’t let critters take over your property. Follow the information given in this guide above to help you identify and remove any wildlife from your home.

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