Frequently asked questions – Health and alcohol

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Health and alcohol are a highly debatable topic since ages. People always remained questioned whenever this topic arises. There are millions of people who believe that alcohol is not that bad and one can have it whereas, there is a different mind-set which claims that alcohol is harmful for the body. This debate gives birth to certain common questions in the heart and minds of the people. In this article, you will get answers to such common questions.

Does alcohol really harms your health?

No matter whether healthy or unhealthy, anything in excess is harmful. For example, water is essential for your health but if you will drink water in excess, it will harm your body by removing electrolytes from the blood.

In reality, alcohol is a natural substance which gets fermented via natural fermentation process. Since millennia, people are consuming alcohol and it used to be considered as harmful when taken in excess. Few reports suggest that alcohol intake on occasional basis is harmless and in fact, it has some benefits as well. However, some counselling authorities say that no amount of alcohol should be ingested at any cost.

Is alcohol infectious in nature?

It is patently false because alcohol itself is a disinfectant and it is unlikely to acquire infections from alcohol. However, it is always advisable to use the properly sanitized bars who maintain good hygiene and who have good dispensing systems.

Can anything help in quitting alcohol?

When it is the matter quitting alcohol, it is always advisable to have the helping hand from rehab centres because excessive alcohol intake can give rise to signs of liver issues and that can disturb your health to next levels. Apart from this, you can take some counselling sessions for you from the counsellors. Basically, it varies from the levels of addiction. It means, if you are highly addicted, you should consider rehabilitation centre and if you are moderately addicted, you can take the help from psychologists. Lastly, if you are mildly addicted, you can get the help from family or friends or your well wishers.

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