how to pack dishes for moving

Fragile With Care: How to Pack Dishes for Moving

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In 2020, about 5.64 million homes were sold, so there was a lot of moving happening then. It’s a trend that continues today. You might be one of the lucky ones looking to move this year.

In the move from your old home to your new one, you’ll likely have a lot of fragile items that need special care. That’s why you’re wondering how to pack dishes for moving.

If you pack your dishes correctly, you don’t have to worry about them breaking during the move. Look at these packing tips for moving dishes safely so you can preserve your favorite plates, bowls, and glasses.


The most important features of your packing strategy are boxes that can be stacked without the contents getting crushed. Corner reinforcement is crucial. The last thing you want is for a heavy dish set to break through one side of a flimsy cardboard box during transit.

The best boxes for dishes have corrugated cardboard. These offer extra durability and strength at an affordable price point.

How to Pack Dishes for Moving

The best way to pack dishes is in a horizontal line of plates and bowls. Keep the contents about three inches below the top of the box. This will help prevent the dishes from shifting and breaking during transit.

Try not to stack too many dishes into a single box. This could cause breakage during the move.

Here are a few other packing tips.


Stack plates on their side, not flat. This is because they’re more likely to break when they’re stacked facedown.

If you’re packing dishes in moving boxes rather than crates, don’t stack them very high. If you packed dishes in crates, make sure the crates don’t move around during the drive. You can use packing tape or straps to secure them.

Bowls and Cups

Pack bowls and cups upside down. This keeps them from getting chipped during transit. If the bowls are very delicate, wrap them in paper towels or bubble wrap first.

If you’re packing wine glasses for moving, pack them with the stems facing up. This will help prevent cracks.

Packing Material

Your moving checklist should have bubble wrap and packing paper on it, but you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of both. You’ll need bubble wrap for fragile items like glasses and packing paper to fill empty spaces in boxes.

You can cut the bubble wrap into squares to ensure that each dish gets individually wrapped. Alternatively, you can fold the bubble wrap over the top of the dishes. Once your boxes are all filled up, place bubble wrap around them as extra protection against breakage.

Packing items securely can be a chore, so hiring someone to do it for you is worth it. The best professional moving company will provide you with the right tools and supplies to make sure that your belongings are protected.


Label all packing boxes containing your dishes as “fragile” and note which way is up. The type of marker you use isn’t important. Just make sure it’s permanent, so whatever gets written on the box won’t rub off.

If you don’t want to make your own labels, consider using a label maker instead. It will help ensure that the labels are readable.

Make Moving to Your New Home Easy

Now that you know how to pack dishes for moving, you can travel with confidence. With corrugated boxes on hand and lots of bubble wrap, there’s no need to worry about your dishes breaking.

And when you’ve finished unpacking all your dishes, look at our home decor sections for ideas on how to arrange what’s left of the furniture.

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