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Four Ways To Stay Active All Day

Like most of the people, you probably spend a lot of time sitting – on the coach behind the TV, on the desk or in the car. That’s so harmful not only for your body, but for the health of your hair and skin as well, did you know this? Regular everyday activities provide our body with good bloodstream, which is so essential to our metabolism. Try to check these simple pieces of advice from the specialists at best salon NYC, which can change your life and condition of your skin and hair as well.

Try to stay active all day with simple pieces of advice

#1 Walk more

You shouldn’t be a superhero for everyday walking. This super simple thing can change your life in a very simple way. Go to work and home by foot, breathe fresh air and think a little bit about your life – this way you will help your organism to reload after hard working day. Moreover, 40-50 minutes per day will be enough for you to feel the result. If you have a bicycle – cycle!

#2 Stand up at work

Work is the place where we can sit for 8 hours without standing up. This can be a cause of many problems: low metabolism, backaches, and gummy ankles. Give your body an opportunity to burn excessive calories with having a break every hour. Stand up and jump for 2-3 minutes, stay on one leg, go outdoors, etc. This simple rule will prevent many problems.

#3 Sneak in exercise during TV time

All of us like watching our favorite TV shows or movies after a hard working day. This is the most simple way to chill and reload yourself. Nevertheless, you should try to go for some simple activities during watching TV. Jumping, doing sit-ups and twisting a wrap will be a good alternative of lying on a couch with a huge chips pack.

#4 Cook at home

You can find cooking as a very interesting hobby. Actually, this simple thing can change your life in a very healthy way. At least you will know what you eat. You can prepare your own healthy dishes only at weekends when you have spare time.

You should know that all changes come from the small things, so just try to start.

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