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Four Steps to Becoming an Insurance Adjuster

Becoming an insurance claims adjuster can lead to a highly rewarding career.  It’s a relatively simple process to get your adjuster license, the first step is learning how the process works.

1. Complete Your Education

As long as you’ve completed your high school diploma or GED, you can become an insurance claims adjuster. However, you should find out more about employer preferences in your area since some companies prefer a bachelor’s degree.

2. Figure Out Your Career Goals as an Insurance Claims Agent

There are a few ways that you can become an adjuster. You can work as a staff adjuster, public adjuster or independent adjuster. A staff adjuster provides services to a single firm. An independent adjuster works claims for several firms. Finally, a public adjuster is paid by the policyholder.

  • Staff adjuster. In this position, you’ll become a salaried employee and receive a standard benefits package and coverage for continuing education.
  • Independent adjuster.  In this role, you act as an independent contractor or server insurance firms or administrators. Another name for this field is “catastrophe claims adjustment” since they cover major weather events or emergencies.
  • Public insurance adjuster. Policyholders sometimes hire adjusters to help them file a business or individual insurance claim to help ensure a fair settlement on their claim.

3. Complete the Course and Exam for Your Adjuster License

Depending on where you live, you have to take a course and pass a licensing exam. If your state doesn’t require an adjuster license, you can become an adjuster without taking a test.

Many adjusters get a DHS (Designated Home State) license because a person living in a state that doesn’t require a licenseor have an exam may need it to pursue work on a national basis.

4. Continuing Education

The last step is maintaining continuing education as required to keep your license. States that require licenses typically require continuing education for license renewals. Continuing education credits are earned via live or online courses. Some employer-provided training can be counted toward your continuing education credits.

This job is ideal for those who like to investigate and enjoy crunching numbers. Adjusters need good negotiating skills to navigate cases through to settlement. It’s a promising field that offers a lot of variety on a day-to-day basis.

 Regardless of whether you want to work eight hours a day, or prefer to set your own hours, an insurance claims career could be right for you.

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