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Folx is a Feature-Rich Download and Torrent manager for Mac

When the time comes for downloading something or the other with the help of bit torrent, most of the Mac users handle their torrents with the help of popular clients transmissions. Folx has been known to offer almost varied transmission features, but then adding quick torrents and also having a certain download manager for the browser.

The various features that Folx comes with

  • Folx has been known to possess many features that the user might expect from the transmission. Take for example making the choice for the maximum transfers or the proxy servers and also NAT-PMP. This is for having port forwarding without any hassles. It still has some less advanced features.
  • There exists the free version which basically allows the user to organize their download according to the file type. This basically means the movie files can go into some sort of a folder, take for example the moves folder the audio files go in a different sort of folder, take for example music. It,however, turns out that a transmission does not have this particular feature. It does contain various ways for adding various torrents to the downloading list. This goes without saying that the user doesn’t have to do anything manually. All the user needs to do is click on the link to any of the torrent files in their said browser. This will allow Folx to automatically download the said torrent and added to their download queue. This particular feature is essential for the browsers that do not support something like the auto-opening of the download files or including the websites that do not contain any magnet links.
  • What makes Folx extremely awesome is the fact that it is known to act in the form of download manager for the users said browser. It is just like the addition of torrents. All the user needs to do is to click on any of the links in their browser after which Folx will help in starting downloading the said link to the file. It uses the said aforementioned settings, taking for example file organizer.
  • Folx also helps in splitting the user’s direct download into various threats which basically allows the user to download faster. If the download does fail then the user can resume the same at a much later time. Also, Folx is known as the best free torrent downloaders for Mac.

Now that you know about Folx you can use it to download torrents on your Mac device.

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