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Which Long-Lasting Flowers are Best for Decorating an Event or Wedding?

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On average, Brides will set aside around 10% to 15% of their budget just for flowers.

Wedding flowers are not cheap and the last thing you want is to show up to your wedding to find wilted and droopy decorations and centerpieces. In order to ensure everything looks perfect on your big day, you’ll need to choose long-lasting flowers.

This article will tell you about five flower options that will stay beautiful for your entire event. Keep reading to learn more.


Chrysanthemums are going to be one of the most long-lasting flowers. Once you cut them, they will stay fresh and beautiful for between 14 and 21 days.

If you want them to last for three weeks, be sure to cut them right before they are fully bloomed. They have strong petals and come in red, white, yellow, purple, and orange, making them great flowers for every occasion.


One of the hardiest flowers is the Sunflower. They can also almost two weeks and are great for summer and fall weddings.

Their bright color makes them stand out and you pair them with a number of different flowers to make a beautiful bouquet. We recommend using calla lilies, protea, or snapdragons with your sunflowers.


Peonies are soft and romantic. They hold their safe and color for a little over a week after being cut. This flower will hold up longer in cooler climates. Spring and early summer are the most ideal times to use this floral decoration.

They come in white and a number of warm colors including yellow, orange, pink, and red. They pair great with roses and different forms of greenery.


Lavender is a great option as it will last up to ten days after being cut. The other great benefit of lavender is that it has a long blooming season. If you’re having a summer wedding in a humid climate, you won’t have to worry about your lavender wilting as it’s resistant to high temperatures.


One of the most common wedding flowers is the Rose, and for good reason. If they are cared for properly, roses can last up to ten days.

There’s a variety of different roses as well. Garden Roses and Spray Roses are two of the most popular flower centerpieces.

There are a number of different hues as well. No matter what your wedding’s color scheme is, there’s a rose option for you.

Long-Lasting Flowers

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming and choosing the right flowers can add to your stress. Take the time to research the best flowers for your wedding based on the seasons and how long they last.

There are so many great options out there, so don’t rush the decision. Be sure to choose long-lasting flowers so they are in the best shape possible on your wedding day.

For more wedding tips, keep browsing our site. We have lots of articles that you’ll find useful as you plan your big event.

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